In order to work outdoors a good Rain Suit is a high priority.

Silke and I have been care-takers on the ‘wet side’ of the Big Island of Hawaii for the past three months. A big part of our daily work is performed outside, from mowing 15 acres of grass, to string trimming, hedging, weeding and power washing, to name just a few. It rains, mists or literally downpours almost every day, some days all day… we are 2,500 feet up after all. That means we need a good rain suit to be comfortable!

Working in the rain in a rainsuit

With a climate that is warm and wet a rain suit has to be light-weight and breathable.

We have tried cheap rain ponchos (they don’t last and flap in the wind) and rain pants with built-in suspenders (they’re a pain in the you know what). When Silke came across the DriDucks Mens Ultra Lite Rain Suit by Frogg Toggs on Amazon and ordered a set for me I was as excited as a little kid at Christmas.

I am 6′ 3″ tall and a size Large fits me well enough. The jacket is comfortable and the hood stays in place even in high wind. The pants ride a little bit high but I wear rubber boots so it doesn’t really matter that much to me.

With over 1,200 reviews this rainsuit has a combined 4 star review, costs less than $30, comes with a carrying pouch and has free shipping, not bad, right? Well, the very first day I wore my brand-new Frogg Toggs rain suit I was string trimming along the road and after about 20 minutes smelled something funny. I looked myself up and down, and sure enough, there were two holes in my jacket where the fabric melted. Not cool! The string trimmer that I was using didn’t get that hot. I would have burns on my skin many times over if this were the case.

Review of a rainsuit

This light weight, flimsy material isn’t really made to stand up to the type of work that I’m doing on a daily basis.

Since then the pants have torn in several places as well, luckily I’ve been able to repair the pants with duct tape so far. The holes in the pants are from coming into contact with different types of trees, brushing up against bushes and climbing over fences. With that said, I can’t really imagine what this jacket and pants set would be good for, besides going for a leisurely walk.

Bottom line – this rain suit doesn’t fit the bill for me.

To say that I was more than disappointed is really undermining the reviews that I had read before the rain suit by Frogg Toggs was even purchased. The reviews said this suit was the bomb when in reality it was ‘a bomb’:

  • If you’re thinking about taking this rain suit with you on a camping trip or an outdoor event then it will be alright.
  • If you’re trying to work or hike in it than you better look elsewhere.

My next rain suit will be by Coleman purchased at Wal-mart. Yes, I will write another rain suit review after I’ve had a chance to wear and work in it for a while. :)

What rain suit would you recommend? Please share your experiences by leaving us a comment.


4 thoughts on “Frogg Toggs Rainsuit Review”
  1. Via email… Good afternoon. My name is Audrey and my husband and I have a landscaping business. In looking on Amazon for a good water proof suit that our guys can wear – I came across your review for the above.

    I hope you do not mind that I have reached out to you, if so, please disregard this communication- and I’m send my sincerest apologies.

    However, if you did not mind, please see my inquiry below:

    In your review, you stated that you would be purchasing a different suit. Since I believe our purpose/utilization for this is similar, could you please tell me what suit you ended up purchasing/ happy with?

    I appreciate you taking the time to read this and for your response.

    Kind Regards,


    1. Hi Audrey, Thank you for reaching out. I’m glad you came across my review on Amazon.

      I never actually purchased another rain suit, I ended up making due with what I had. I was going to get the Coleman rain suit that’s being sold at Walmart. Sorry, I will not be able to give you a review.

      Good luck and best wishes, Nick Jager

  2. You are right that the Frogg Toggs are not very tough as working rainsuits. However, Dennis and I really like ours because they keep us dry and relatively cool in the hot humid rainy season in southern Belize. They work very well keeping us dry in an open boat plowing through a downpour. I don’t think they would be useful for hacking out the back path, but we can wait for the dry days to do that! Too bad the Frogg Toggs weren’t tough enough for your needs. I’ll be interested to see what you think of the Coleman suits.

    BTW – is that an array of solar panels in the background of the first photo? Impressive!

    1. Wilma,
      Aloha! It’s good to hear from you. Silke and I are always checking the SouthernEnglishtown blog post to see how things are going for you in Belize. You mentioned wearing the Frogg Toggs while boating through a downpour and a very vivid memory of our outing to Placencia popped in my head. When we stepped out of the boat I felt like we had just stepped out of the shower.
      The wet suits would have come in handy that day!
      Yes, those are the solar panels for the property in the background. I should get you a better shot of them. Given their position they can optimize on the sun exposure all day long. A water catchment system is in the works. You guys are ahead of the curve on that one for sure.

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