A Selfie Stick is an inexpensive accessory you can use for more than just taking selfies.

Sponsored Review for #CraigromCommerceSelfieStickI never thought I would like to have a selfie stick until I realized there where a lot of other great uses for it. Scroll down to find out how to take advantage of a Selfie Stick besides taking selfies. The Bluetooth Smartphone Selfie Stick by Reach is an integrated fold-able smart shooting aid that doesn’t require you to download an app, making it very easy to use. As long as your phone has Bluetooth capabilities you will be able to use this gadget within seconds.

Review of Selfie Stick by Reach

The package arrived very quickly. I only had to wait two days after placing my order on Amazon. This selfie stick is made for iPhone & Android Smartphones, iPhone 5, 6, 6 plus, LG, Samsung and Motorola, and retails for $8.95.

The Reach Bluetooth Selfie Stick is very sturdy yet light enough so my arm didn’t shake at all when taking pictures at odd angles. It comes with a short USB charging cord that plugs into the end of the handle, no batteries needed, and is designed to hold a charge for up to 3 days. I suppose it depends on how often you use it during this time frame. I had my selfie stick for five days now and its still on the first charge (I used it about half a dozen times now). The handle and stick are thick and feel very durable, even when the stick is extended to its full length (80 cm or 31.5 in). The black handle has a soft, comfortable grip with a carrying handle at the end.


I have tried out this selfie stick with two different sized phones and it securely griped both of them.

The phone holder is very easy to use. Simply pull up the top part and set the phone in the cradle. The head swivels and can be locked in place for taking pictures at different angles or folded forward for compact storage.

The first phone I tried the selfie stick with was our friend Mark’s Android Droid Razer M. He had already synced his phone with two other selfie sticks, both required an app to use and he didn’t like that. After turning on his phone’s Bluetooth it took only a few seconds to sync this stick with his smartphone. It was just a matter of pressing the camera button on the handle of the stick.

Using A Selfie Stick

Next I tried to sync my own phone with the selfie stick, an older HTC smartphone that I’ve used for the past five years. Luckily the enclosed instruction booklet mentions the following: “This Selfie stick will not work with Windows phones. HTC phones require you to change the phone’s settings so that the volume buttons take the photos.” Huh?… I did get my phone to sync with the stick and it took pictures the normal way facing away from me, but not with the camera facing towards me for taking selfies.

I got a little frustrated and asked Nick to take a look. He figured out very quickly how to set the volume to take pictures for both of our phones:

While the phone is in camera mode, hold the camera button on the stick and press the shutter button on the phone at the same time. This brings up the volume display on the camera, you can now hear the first picture being taken. After that the selfie stick works like it does for newer phones by simply pressing the camera button on the handle.

Selfie Stick Uses

Here are some great uses for a Bluetooth Selfie Stick besides taking selfies:

  • Take photos from unique angles
  • Take photos of hard to reach places, like the outlet behind a heavy bookcase
  • Take photos above a crowd at a park or the lake
  • Take awe-inspiring photos of the scenery with you or a group of people in the picture
  • Take photos by using a selfie stick for low-down angles of pets or flowers
  • Take photos of awkward, high up spots if you don’t have a ladder at hand
  • Put your phone in flashlight mode and use your selfie stick to light up hard to reach places
  • Use a selfie stick to record awesome videos

Selfie Stick Indoor Use

Use a selfie stick to take close up shots indoors, of a ceiling fan, light fixture or wooden beams.

Selfie Stick Outdoor Use

Use a selfie stick outdoors to check the wear and tear of your shingles or a chimney.

Selfie sticks make great gifts! It’s an inexpensive gadget that most people enjoy. Young people love to use them for selfies while adults use them for traveling and around the house. You can purchase a Reach Bluetooth Smartphone Selfie Stick for only $8.95.

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What is your take on selfie sticks? Do you own and use one? Share your thoughts below. 

This product was provided to us, at no cost, by the maker of this product for the sole purpose of product testing. We did not accept monetary compensation for reviewing or writing about this product. We only review products that we have personally tested, and all opinions expressed are our own. – Nick and Silke Jager

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