Find out why you should be using a ceramic peeler.

Ceramic Vegetable Peelers have been around for a long time now, since the 1990’s or longer. So why are ceramic peelers not a more common kitchen tool I wonder? Take a look at our ceramic knife review, the blade is still very sharp after several years of use and cutting a ton of vegetables.

Over the past ten years I’ve bought numerous inexpensive metal blade and plastic handled vegetable peelers that I ended up throwing out after six months to a year. Either the little blade will get helplessly dull or rusty, it will start spinning in place, or the cheap plastic handle will break. This will never happen with the Boker peeler. Take a look at the best ceramic peeler on the market today!

Ceramic vegetable peeler

Boker Ceramic Peeler

For the money I have spent on cheap peelers over the years I could own a high quality Boker Ceramic Vegetable Peeler that features not only a razor sharp advanced ceramic blade, but a comfortable ergonomic handle and eye corers on both sides to boot.

Have you ever been given the task of peeling fresh vegetables for dinner or, heaven forbid, in preparation of a large party? With potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and the like, I found that the average vegetable peelers get easily clogged and are, simply put, a chore to use! My hand will get tired and start cramping up after peeling just a couple small potatoes.

I only recently discovered that a good ceramic peeler can make all the difference and turn a boring kitchen chore into a fun task! This lightweight peeler allows you to peel fruits and vegetables easily, efficiently, and without frustration. What’s the difference you ask? This peeler contains a special blade made of super sharp ceramic, of course, that delivers amazing results.

Actually, it is sharp enough for even the toughest skin and will stay sharp ten times longer than ordinary steel blade peelers. Plus it is super easy to handle and doesn’t give you hand fatigue like most peelers.

Once you have a chance to try this ultra sharp ceramic blade you will never go back to the old kind.

The Boker ceramic peeler is well worth the extra money with a superior performance that will last for many years to come. The ceramic will never rust, pit or erode. It doesn’t take on weird smells and is even dishwasher safe.

If you want to help out your favorite cook in the kitchen, then this ceramic peeler is the perfect gift!

Go a step further and make this the Perfect Gift Idea for the Holidays, Birthdays or to celebrate a New Home.

add vegetable peeler to gift basket

Holiday Gift Basket

Simply add a Ceramic Peeler to your fruit or vegetable basket. The above picture is of a gift basket we made a couple of years ago, featuring cheeses, German chocolates and coffee. We really do recommend the Boeker ceramic peeler as the “best of the best”. It is a small, but mighty product, that will serve you for years to come. It’s the Boker Ceramic Peeler and every cook needs one of these!

Ceramic Peeler Cleaning Tip:

Spray the ceramic with a cooking spray once a month or so and clean the blade with an old toothbrush to remove stuck on food particles.

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Have you converted to a ceramic peeler or are you still using an old metal one? Leave us a comment below.

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  1. I find it interesting, that no one has commented on how VERY safe ceramic peelers are, compared to alternatives. In my 73 years, I’ve cut my fingers NUmerous times, with the steel ones. But, in the 2 or 3 years since I bought my trusty ceramic, -not one, single “accident”.

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