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Levitra was named the best product for men for sex

Fascinating shopping of products for men at online shop can bring more fun than sexual intercourse. This conclusion revealed by experts of the American company MyndPlay, which specializes in the development of top brand name drugs, writes the New York Post. During the study, they analyzed the gamma rhythm generated by the brains of the experiment participants.

According to medical experts, all buyers can be divided into two categories. The first group is the so-called “inspired buyers.” They go to the in order to buy Levitra that will emphasize their individuality. Others shop to follow fashion trends or to conform to a particular environment.

According to the researchers, brain gamma rhythms “inspired buyers” in 84% of cases demonstrate the same activity as is observed in people who have sex or win competitions. Thus, shopping can bring along and more active pleasure than sex, but only buyers of the first group. Most people in the second group, on the contrary, quickly get tired mentally and physically.


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