A heartfelt farewell by Wooster & Jeeves as our house sitting job comes to an end.

Wooster and Jeeves, the security team here at Steppingstones Resort in Belize, wanted to write one more guest article for us. If you’re a faithful reader of this blog then you probably remember their first write up a few weeks ago. For all you newcomers here is a link: Wooster and Jeeves

Without further ado, here are Wooster and Jeeves…

Another hard day at work for Jeeves and Wooster

Another hard day at work for Jeeves and Wooster

Hello, Jeeves here again, writing to you from the Steppingstones Resort in Belize. This will be the last guest post we will get to write for the Jager Foods & Travel Blog as both Nick and Silke, our house sitters, will be leaving us soon.

Any final thoughts Wooster?

Wooster: Can we go with them?

Jeeves: No! We belong here. We have a duty and an obligation to fulfill.

Wooster: Right. Who’s going to feed us?

Jeeves: Ugh! Never mind, I’m sure that’s all been worked out.

Wooster: Nick was always prompt with the feeding time and Silke always had a little treat for us when she was cooking.

They always looked after us and included us on their little walks. I will truly miss the belly rubs and reassuring pats on the head that said so much more than words ever could.

Jeeves: Wow! I think you just had a Hallmark moment there.

Wooster: Yeah, kinda brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it? Do you think they’ll just leave us in charge of the food and let us feed ourselves?

Jeeves: And that ends that precious moment. So, on behalf of the security team here at Steppingstones Resort …

Wooster and Jeeves: So long Nick and Silke. Safe travels!

Nick, Silke and Jeeves. Wooster is behind the camera taking the picture :)

Nick, Silke and Jeeves. Wooster is behind the camera taking the picture.

Silke and I would like to thank Wooster and Jeeves (real names are still unknown) for their faithful diligence in securing the Stepping Stones premises.

Aside from their loyalty to their appointed jobs they are quite easy to become attached to and have made us feel very safe and secure while living off the grid. We will always associate these amazing dogs, Wooster & Jeeves, with our time spent house sitting in Belize.

And with that our house sitting job in Belize comes to an end!

Are you looking for short term care takers for your home and pets? Leave us a comment below. 

4 thoughts on “Wooster and Jeeves Farewell”
  1. So sad to see you leave! It is wonderful to know you and hopefully we will spend time together again soon!! Be safe!

    1. Dear Augie,

      We will certainly miss you. Our door will always be open and the guest room will be ready if you’re ever in our neighborhood. Be sure to say ‘hi’ to Dale from us. We hope he’s having a splendid time with Maria on the MokaKat. – Silke

    2. Augie,

      Silke and I had a lot of fun scuba diving and sailing. We can’t thank you and Dale enough for letting us tag along for those four days. It made for a memorable Belize experience.

      I hope things work on for you on this end. Please keep us updated.


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