3D wall panels are the new craze when it comes to interior designs both for home and office spaces.

The best part about these panels, apart from the fact that they are low on maintenance and environment-friendly, is the number of things that you can do to get your set of personalized 3D wall panels. Before we move on to the most impressive 3D wall panel options for modern homes and offices, let’s take a brief look at what these panels are.

3D wall panels are usually made of various materials such as glass, bamboo, PVC, gypsum, plywood, among others. Professional designers and artists use designs based on their creativity and the customers’ preferences to create these panels using the latest in 3D technology. These panels are then installed on walls using industrial glue to finish a pattern and give a 3D effect to the whole space. Since these panels are cost effective and are extremely low on maintenance, they are the better option to give any room a makeover than say wallpapers or wall paints.

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Virtual Plane Screen panels

Nature inspires the design patterns in virtual plane screen panels. The dramatic forms in the panels have been derived from different architectural icons around the globe. Panels from the virtual plane screen collection are a combination of translucent and opaque materials, and so they can be used as room dividers panels, wall and window coverings, ceiling decor features and more.

These 3D panels have intricate designs carved on materials like including wood, acrylic, and metal and can thus introduce a delicate but artistic flavor to any space. Apart from being used in residential spaces, these 3D wall panels can be used extensively in commercial, hospitality, retail and corporate industry. Moreover, these panels are fire resistant and so are ideal for use in schools, restaurants, hotels and even hospitals.

Go Green 3D panels

Inspired by nature, these 3D wall panels are part of a green idea collection, and are ideal for those who love nature and want to include a bit of it into their residential or office spaces. These panels depict scenes from nature, be it a freshly blossoming flower or a young plant right after a rain shower; these 3D wall panels can bring about the best in nature to any given space and make the effect look better with the use of the most advanced 3D technology.

The panels from this collection are very natural looking and have ferns, grasses, boxes and ivies to add more color and variety to a green wall. Most of the time, the clients are suggested designs and panels from this collection depending upon the kind of space that they want to work on.

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Glacier 3D wall panels

The serenity of an ocean combined with the chill and solitude of the ice caps. That is what your ambiance would be like if you opted for these amazing wall panels inspired by glaciers. These 3D wall panels are practically the coolest of all the variety available in the market.

These fire resistant, lightweight, fiberglass resin panels can change the look of a room instantly, and the best part about them is that if combined with a bit of interior lighting, the effect that these panels create is almost surreal. If used all across a room — in the walls and the ceiling — these glacier 3D wall panels can give you the feeling of having a place in the middle of an icy ocean but without its uncomfortably low temperature and of course, without being wet.

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Concrete collection of 3D wall panels with stone replica surfaces

If you like history, historical places and architecture then stone replica panels may just be the thing for you. These panels form a naturally textured surface with stone and rock formations. As they are molded from real rock work formations, they look natural and give a realistic appeal to the room, but unlike their real counterparts, these 3D wall panels are extremely light, easy to install and to maintain.

If you need a better idea about how these panels can transform your space, think of the most beautiful piece of architectural stonework that you may have come across. Moreover, then imagine that design and material adorning your walls. Using these stone replica wall panels gives you the best of both the worlds. You get the best stone architecture decorating the interiors of your home or office but at about a fraction of its weight and cost.

Leather Wall Panels

3D adventure panels

The best part about these panels is that they are used in themes. A few examples of the popular themes used in 3D adventure panels are as follows:

  • The jungle theme – Around six different kinds of 3D wall panels from the green collection are used in a combination for the jungle theme. To give a seamless jungle feel to space, you can also opt to paint or modify the windows and doors of the room.
  • The Mayan Templestone theme – Exotic and beautiful, the Mayan architecture is well known for its stonework. This theme uses a different pattern of stonework 3D panels in a way that room feels like it is a part of the Mayan civilization. This exotic theme is best suited for use in restaurants, cafes or theme parks.
  • The Savannah theme – If Grasslands, animals and the wild are what suits your fancy, then you could try opting for the Savannah adventure 3D panel collection. This collection brings to live the magic of the western grasslands and its wildlife within an enclosed space. It may best be used for children’s room or in theme-based cafes or restaurants.

Now, this is obviously not an exhaustive list of the most amazing 3D wall panels that are available in the market, but the best thing about these panels are that they can easily be customized and used in different combinations.

So go ahead, use your creativity and your preferences to create your unique set of 3D wall panels.

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We simply love the diversity these 3D wall panels can provide and look forward to trying them out ourselves once we get back to living in our own home next fall. We are currently care takers living on the Big Island of Hawai’i. I’m thinking about creating a contrast wall in our guest room or maybe in the office and also imagine it would look amazing as a back splash for our wet bar area.

What do you think about using 3D wall panels? Leave us a comment below. 

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  1. Hello,
    Nice post and amazing photo of 3 D panel. your blog provides the quite information about 3 D wall panel. 3D wall panels are great solutions to ugly, stubborn problematic wall, door or any surface that needs covering in both interior and exterior environment. I also came across a website which has a different variety of wallpapers, either you want a damask for the living room, stripe for the hallway or a floral for the bedroom.

    1. Thank you Ronan! Adding 3D wall panels are also a wonderful, and often inexpensive, solution to add dimension or a focal point to any room in your home or office.

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