Three space saving items you need to check out to stay organized.

One of the first things you find out once you downsize is that space is a premium and anything that consumes too much or loses significance should be subject to scrutiny. There’s always a room in your house that becomes a collect all. You know that single car garage that’s filled with ‘stuff’ and anything but your car.

The basement that contains things that were carefully packaged and then left behind never to see the light of day again. For us that ‘collect all’ room was our screened in back porch. The golf clubs, bikes, storage containers that transported all our belongings but are now sitting empty, tools, and questionable clothing items.

We moved from Minnesota to South Carolina and those heavy winter coats and snow boots look a little lost these days.

With the help of some space saving furniture you can easily reclaim your own home.

Resin Multipurpose Cabinet

The first thing on my to do list was once again to reorganize all my tools.

Space Saving Storage Cabinet

Every time I walked out to the screened in area it was constantly nagging at me. From tool boxes full of miscellaneous screws and pliers to extension cords and my electrical power equipment, something needed to be done. A quick look online provided me with the answer I was looking for.

Resin Multipurpose Cabinet with lockable doors. The only items needed to construct this multi-purpose cabinet was a hammer and screw driver. In no time at all I had it put together and in position. Getting everything up off the floor was such a huge improvement.

Double Bike Rack

The bikes and golf clubs take up their fair share of our space as well. With no where else to put them besides the back porch we had to make do with the space that we had.

Double Bike Rack

Silke had found a bike rack that you could stack the bikes on and eliminate the floor space of two bikes down to just one.  Check out the Stoneman Sparehand Double Bike Rack.

I wasn’t too keen on drilling holes into the walls for anything and this free standing rack was perfect for what we needed. Another key advantage was making the bikes easily accessible. If they were too far out of the way, like a storage unit, then we would be less inclined to actually use them.

This bike rack will be conveniently located next to the back door going outside and will eliminate more wasted space. We had always kept our bikes next to each other and by using the bikes kick stands, we were actually taking up more room.

Golf Bag Organizer

The patio room was shaping up rather quickly now, all that was left taking up wasted space were the golf clubs.

Golf bag organizer made from metal

Golf bags may seem unobtrusive but once they are set into place and the two legs swing out to support the golf clubs, you’ve actually covered quite a bit of floor space. Once again we headed to the internet to find a storage solution. A Metal Double Golf Organizer was the perfect match.

Being able to set the golf bags into the cradles and eliminating the tri-fold legs from coming out, you’re actually saving more space. The shelving unit in between is perfect for all the accessories. If I would have simply pushed the bags up against the wall, they would have eventually just tipped over.

On top of saving space to reclaim your home it will look much more organized.

The end result. With the help of some space saving furniture, we were able to transform our ‘clutter’ room into something more livable and enjoyable.

By the way, my next DIY project is a pallet furniture idea that Silke saw online. I’m going to save that thought for another time and for this moment savor the flavor of this small accomplishment.

Do you have a favorite space saving item to reclaim your home? Leave us a comment below, we would love to hear from you.

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  1. P.S. I forgot to mention in the article that the items that were ordered online all qualified for FREE shipping. This is a must if you still want to come out ahead with the deal.

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