Protect your home while you are gone on vacation by using the tips and advice found here.

Everyone looks forward to vacation season. Especially thieves. That’s because an empty home is an easy target.

But the last thing you want to worry about when you’re gone on vacation is a break-in. Not to mention any number of things that could go wrong and damage your property.

Whether you’re gone for two days or two months, keeping your home safe should be a top priority. Let’s look at easy ways to secure your home and give you the peace of mind to relax while you’re gone on vacation.

Home safety tips while you're on vacation

Don’t Post Your Travel Plans on Social Media

We live in a world where it’s normal to post every detail of our lives onto the internet. But nothing says “these are the exact times and dates to come rob me” like posting your travel plans on social media.

That’s because you have no idea who’s watching. Even if your profile is set to private, information gets leaked and pages get hacked all the time.

So even though it’s tempting to tell everyone about your amazing upcoming trip, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Let everyone gush over your vacation pictures after you get back.

Ask a Friend or Neighbor to Help

Having someone keep an eye on your house can be an invaluable tool when you’re going on vacation. Whether it’s a friend house-sitting or a neighbor helping out, it will keep your home safe and give you peace of mind.

A helper can put your trash cart out on trash day. Take packages off your porch or fliers off your door. And generally, make sure everything looks as it should.

You can even have a neighbor park their car in your driveway if that’s something you normally do. Having a car come and go will give the impression of movement and that nothing is out of the ordinary.

Put Your Lights on a Timer

Nothing advertises an empty house quite like a dark house. You want everything to continue looking lived in and as normal as possible. And keeping lights on a timer will do just that.

Having lights turn on and turn off after dark will give the impression that someone is home. So it’s a good idea to put lamps in several different rooms on a timer.

Outdoor lighting is also very important. Motion detector lights work best. They not only scare off anyone who comes close to your house, but they also help save on your energy bill.

Hold Your Mail

Having newspapers pile up in your driveway or mail overflowing the box is a dead giveaway to thieves that you are out of town. Putting a stop to the service before you leave will fix that problem.

Notify the post office and the newspaper delivery service that you will be gone. They can hold your items for you to pick up when you get back.

Or have a neighbor pick up your mail every day. They can either bring it into your house for you or keep it with them until you are able to pick it up from them.

Hire a Lawn or Snow Removal Service

If you’re going to be gone for a while, it’s a good idea to hire a service to keep your lawn looking well-kept.

Having your lawn become overgrown if you normally keep it neat and trim is a clear signal that you are away from home. Getting it mowed will keep everything looking as it should be.

The same is true for snow removal during the wintertime. If your driveway and sidewalks look untouched, it’s a clear indicator that there is no movement around your house. Meaning no one is home.

Having the paths cleared and salt sprinkled around will keep your home looking lived in.

Invest in an Alarm System

Installing an alarm system can be an investment, but it’s an investment into your home’s safety and your family’s peace of mind.

A monitored alarm service has the benefit of the alarm company contacting emergency services in case something should happen. It’s more expensive, but it gives your home around the clock protection.

Unmonitored services are alarms such as an entryway camera you can see from your phone. Or sensors throughout your house that can also alert your phone if something is wrong. These are less expensive but need you to contact emergency services yourself.

It’s best to get more info about each service to find out which is better for your home and family.

Secure Valuables Before You Leave

Locking up jewelry and expensive valuables before you leave can keep them out of the hands of thieves. But thieves aren’t the only way your home and the items inside can get lost or damaged.

Unplugging TV’s, computers, and appliances will protect them against power surges. It will also help save on your energy bill and decrease the worry that you forgot to turn something off.

If the weather will be freezing while you’re gone on vacation, keep cabinet doors open and your faucets dripping. This will prevent your pipes from freezing then bursting. Because no one wants to walk into a flooded house after a relaxing getaway.

Secure All Entry into the House

Sure you locked all the doors, but did you secure all entry points into your house?

It’s easy to forget about an unlocked window a pet door giving access into your home. But thieves will find them and squeeze their way right through that pet door and into your house.

Before you leave, go around and double check every window and door. Also, make sure you get rid of that spare key you have hiding outside.

Don’t forget about your garage. Unplug the automatic garage door opener to prevent a universal remote from opening it. And lock the door between your house and the garage just in case.

You Deserve Peace of Mind When You’re Gone on Vacation

Vacations are a time to relax and recharge. They’re not a time to worry about what is going on back at home. But when you take the right precautions, you can rest easy that your home is safe and sound while you’re gone on vacation.

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