5 easy DIY projects to get you and your home into the Fall mood.

Fall is in the air! We just finished cleaning the house and I figured it is about time to add a few fall touches here and there. To bring a touch a fall into your home can be as easy as filling a basket with fragrant pine cones or tying a few fallen leaves around a pillar candle using twine. Adding some candy cones into a small candle holder and setting a tea light on top is a fun idea as well. I’m looking for something a little different this year so let’s see what we can find.

Here are five easy DIY home projects for Fall:

gourd vases for fall

Fall Gourd Vases

I have never seen this done before, how cute are these Gourd Flower Vases? You simply make a hole on top big enough to feed through a florist tube and insert a couple of fresh flower stems. This would make a great centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. You could also paint the gourds in a nice fall color and add artificial flowers for longer lasting decorations.

Fall Bottle Lights

Lighted Fall Bottles

Nick and I have been making lighted bottles for several years now and fall at our house wouldn’t be the same without at least one of these fun fall projects. You can truly let your imagination run wild and decorate any empty wine bottle or a regular glass bottle. To add the lights we use a glass drill bit and add a hole in the back to feed the light string through.

DIY Twine Pumpkin

As soon as I saw this Twine Pumpkin I knew I had to make it. A cinnamon stick in the middle with twine looped and tied around it. Very simple and clever! If you make a bunch of these little pumpkins your house will smell deliciously cinnamonny. Thank you Simply Albany for sharing this fun fall deco idea!

Easy Fall Decor

Here is another easy to do DIY project for fall. This glass Candle Holder decoration has been filled with artificial (I almost said fake) hazelnuts and a little bird nest that you could purchase at your local craft store. Why not use little twigs to fill the bottom, you can shape them pretty easily into a little nest, and add real hazelnuts or any other tree nuts or pods you can find in your neighborhood. Talk about inexpensive, it’s free!

Food Can Candle Holders

As the days are getting shorter in the fall we need to turn the lights on sooner or you could use lots and lots of these fun fall inspired food can candles. Simply clean out some cans and remove the labels. Use a marker to draw a name or simple design on the can. With a punch, like shown in the picture, or better yet a power drill and drill bit create the little holes for the light to shine through. You can paint the outside of the cans or leave them as is.

This is a great fall DIY home project to illuminate your front stoop, a back porch, place them on your kitchen window sill or you could even line them up a staircase or on a railing.

Fun projects for fall are a great way to add a personal touch to your home. All of the above DIY projects also make great gifts for birthdays or to give as a house warming gift.

Do you have a favorite DIY project for Fall? Leave us a link or comment below.

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  1. A perfect and nice blog i love this thank you so much for sharing this blog. I must say you are really very talented and interesting person.

      1. Hi Kathy, I have seen the bird feeders and we also have a couple of painted gourd masks for wall decorations. I just never thought of using them as flower vases before. – Silke

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