If you have a home with a drop down attic staircase than you really need to invest in a cover.

Attic stairs insulation covers reduce heat loss and heat gain to save you money. Besides saving money, a properly installed, easy to use attic stairs cover will also keep spiders and other unwanted bugs from getting into your home via the attic stair opening.

We were thinking about getting new windows and called to get a price quote a few months ago. We do a lot of DIY projects, but some things are best left to the professionals. Mr Bill, the window guy, walked through our house and looked at all the windows. When he got to our attic access he asked us, “Do you have an insulated attic cover?“.

“Nope, what is that?”, I asked. He explained how the hot/cold air will gain access though the opening and since the heating thermostat is usually in a hallway right next to the attic (see picture below) it will make the furnace work that much harder to regulate the temperature inside the house. Makes sense, right?

Mr Bill told us an attic cover is the best thing you can do to save on your home energy bill.

His company will gladly install an insulated attic stair cover for only $500. Gulp! Ah, no thank you. I think we’ll shop around a bit. We did just that and found an attic stairs cover by Whistler on Amazon for only $42.99.

Why you need to insulate your attic stairs:

  • Reflects 95% of Radiant Heat
  • It is Fireproof
  • Prevents air leakage, dust and pollutants from coming in your home

An insulated attic stairs cover is super easy to install!

Using a staple gun to attach the attic stair cover

All you need to attach the insulated attic stair cover is a staple gun. Simply follow these 3 steps:

Step 1 – Open your attic access, then friction fit the attic access cover into place.

Step 2 – Once in place, staple cover to the wood framing every 4 – 6 inches. Make sure your staples are long enough to penetrate the wood.

Step 3 – Continue former steps until all tape is down. Best results when all air leaks are sealed. If needed add more staples.

Air does not leak through the cover if installed properly.

Installing a Whistler insulated attic stairs cover

More Attic Cover Installation Tips:

  1. Make sure you install this cover with the zippers inside the house, not the attic. One Amazon reviewer had to flip the cover inside out so the zipper would be accessible when you are trying to open the cover to get into the attic.
  2. Install the curved portion of the cover at the top of your stairs. You should be able to align the zippers there and opening and closing the cover will be easy.
  3. After using staples per the directions, seal the edges of the cover with duct tape to make it air tight.

Why choose the Whistler attic stairs insulator?

  • It has a lower front opening for easy access
  • The zipper is easy to use for access to your attic
  • The cover installs in just minutes
  • The Whistler attic stairway insulator has a high R-value
  • Great value for your money
  • It’s designed for optimal energy efficiency
  • Cover dimensions are 25″ x 54″ x 11″ (fits most attic openings)

We can definitely tell a difference after installing this attic cover.

Our attic gets very hot & humid during the summer months (we live in South Carolina) and installing this attic stairs insulator made a huge difference. Before the insulator was installed, you could feel a warm area in the hall under the stairs. Now, our A/C unit doesn’t kick in as often, saving us some serious money.

Thanks to the attic insulator there is no more hot or cold air leaking into the house!

Have you installed an attic stairway insulator? Which type or brand did you decide on? Leave us a comment below.

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