Completing home projects, making decorations, and building furniture on your own is growing in popularity, and for good reason.

If you do your research and complete the task or project well, you can benefit from a higher quality product at a lower price point than if you bought it from the store or hired a professional.

Fortunately there is plenty of information easily accessible online for almost anything you want to make or complete.

If you are considering building your own furniture it is especially important to find out what tools and resources are needed for the piece you have in mind. If you can get away with borrowing the needed tools from friends and family you will definitely save yourself a lot of money.

Also consider buying extra stain or material in case you need to make touch-ups in the future.

The benefits of making your own easy DIY furniture

Here are 9 benefits of DIY furniture:

1. You’ll increase your skills and expertise

While you should prepare for some bumps along the way and a bit of a learning curve when undertaking DIY furniture projects, your knowledge and understanding of woodworking and construction will grow exponentially which will in turn grow your confidence.

Even if you start with very simple furniture pieces that require little more than a screwdriver or a very basic miniature multitool, as your experience grows so can the complexity of the pieces you choose to build.

2. You’ll save money

Sometimes this is the main impetus for starting DIY projects, and it deserves to be noted because solid wood furniture can be pricey. If you only need to buy the raw materials or refurbish an older piece that you find in your basement, at a yardsale, or at a flea market you can enjoy higher quality for a lower price.

3. It will be unique

Whether type of piece it is, the furniture you make yourself isn’t something you can find in your neighbor’s homes off the shelves from IKEA. Even if you follow a tutorial, each piece is handcrafted with it’s own flair and that is rare these days.

Unique DIY Furniture

A custom DIY bench made from pallets and reclaimed wood

4. You’ll appreciate it more

Being involved in the design and creation of your furniture will give it deeper meaning than if you picked it out of a catalog. You’ll know the work and detail that went into it, and feel a sense of satisfaction and pride when you use it.

5. You can build furniture to meet your exact needs

Anyone who has shopped for furniture has felt the pains of finding the right piece in the wrong color, or of wishing it was slightly different to accommodate their space or design intentions.

When you make furniture yourself you can plan it to fit the space perfectly, in the exact color you want, with any bells and whistles you desire without the ones you don’t need.

6. You can fix it

While this is technically true of most pieces of furniture when they break, if you know how it’s made and what materials it is made from you’ll be much more competent at making repairs and saving yourself from having to buy a replacement. Hopefully you won’t encounter this problem though!

7. It is eco friendly

If you use refurbished materials this is especially true. Furniture made from reclaimed wood is beautiful and unique, and gives new life to materials that would otherwise be discarded.

8. You can change it

Once you’ve built your furniture piece you’ll feel a lot more comfortable re-staining it, reupholstering it or changing the hardware in the future. You know how it’s done and have the expertise to freshen it up to keep with the time.

9. You can exercise your creativity

Who says arts and crafts are just for kids? The selection process and creation of furniture is a fun opportunity to think outside the box and exercise your creative side.

It important to plan and price out your project before beginning. Once you get the hang of things and grow to understand your abilities, building your own furniture is a fun and engaging way to decorate your home.

Have you created any DIY furniture yourself? Leave us a comment below.

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  1. You made a great point about how you can build furniture to your exact needs and it fits in with other pieces because you design it. My best friend and I love wooden furniture and we want to get a custom piece for our apartment living room. We will keep these tips in mind, however, we will use a professional to ensure quality and accuracy.

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