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The Search For A New Outdoor Grill

We love to grill outdoors and have had a Weber gas grill for the past eight years.

As part of our downsizing process we very reluctantly gave our good, old, trusted grill to Nick’s brother. Check out the article Nick wrote about grilling in the winter.

We have been in our new (much smaller) home for two weeks now and it’s time to start shopping for a replacement gas grill. Our backyard is about a quarter of the size our deck was at the old house, so finding something smaller is a top feature that we would like to have.

Here is our top choice for a small outdoor grill so far:

Weber Q 320 Gas Grill

Weber Gas Grill

The Weber Q 320 Gas Grill features 393 square inches of cooking area, which we think is plenty of room for the two of us. Even if we have company this size grill should work just fine. We like the sleek look of this grill and have been very happy with our last Weber gas grill. This grill would make a nice addition to our little backyard, don’t you think?

The Weber Q 320 grill comes in at $379.00 with free shipping at Wayfair.

finding a new gas grill

Looking for a new Gas Grill

There are quite a few different grocery store chains in Summerville. Lion Foods, Bi-Lo and Publix are just a few of the prominent ones in the area. It’s hard to walk through the meat sections and not begin to be tempted with the selection of grilling meats that they have available. Who knew we would miss our old grill so soon?

What are you grilling on these days? Share with us your experience, good or bad, or maybe even a favorite recipe. We value your opinion.

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