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Last Grill Standing

Our old Weber gas grill has been very good to us, even in the winter.

It’s that time of year again! The time to put away all of the gardening equipment, clean out the gutters, and bring in the lawn ornaments. Even the lawn mower is looking at having it’s spot replaced by the snow blower. It’s early yet and the leaves haven’t even begun to change, but I’m already feeling reluctant to give up on something that we’ve enjoyed all summer long. Our Weber Gas Grill!

No way is this grill going to get tucked inside the shed and slumber all winter long.

I’ll stand out on the deck in a parka with my platter of food waiting to be put on. No matter how cold or windy it gets, its the one thing I can’t let go of. We shoveled a trail out to it one Christmas so we could prepare our ribs for the meal. With the trail still fresh a mere week later, we celebrated New Years Eve with steaks.

Weber Gas Grill Review

I don’t know what it is about the grill that entices me this way. Maybe its some primitive notion that there’s something ritualistic in cooking your food over an open flame. Maybe it’s Silke telling me that it’s the only thing she trusts me to cook with. (I prefer the former over the latter.) No matter the reason she’s just as game as I am to fire up our trusty old Weber grill.

Winter Grilling with a Weber Grill

Our Favorite Winter Easy Recipe – Cabbage on the Grill

One of my favorite things that we make mostly in the winter is a cabbage concoction that I don’t think we have a name for. We quarter a cabbage, remove the step and then wrap them individually in tinfoil. Add a table spoon of butter, pepper, seasoned salt, red pepper and garlic powder. If anyone had told me that I would dig on cabbage a couple of years ago I would have said they were crazy!

Our Weber grill has been with us now for over six years now and it’s still going strong.

We are diligent about covering it when its not in use and we clean it every season. It shows no signs of rust and all the buttons and dials still work. Even when its 10 below out! Our grill will remain on the deck all rear round, always covered, but never forgotten.

Shop For Weber Grills

Do you have a problem parting with your outdoor cooking device? If so let us know. Don’t worry your in good company. If we don’t hear from you we’ll hold the title of “Last Grill Standing”.

Do you have a favorite grilling recipe? Please share that with us in the comments below.

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