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Jager Schnitzel Recipe By Jager Foods

Jagerschnitzel is one of the best German recipes of all times.

Last nights dinner was Schnitzel with a creamy mushroom gravy called Jager or Jaeger, aka Hunter’s Schnitzel, served with tri-color noodles and green beans. This is one of my favorite German dishes and very easy to prepare.

Scroll down to learn how to make your favorite Schnitzel in 4 easy steps.

What is a Schnitzel?

A Schnitzel is a very thin slice of veal for Wiener Schnitzel and pork or chicken breast meat for other Schnitzel varieties. The meat is lightly breaded and pan fried.

Since it is almost impossible to find the correct cut of meat where we live, we usually end up buying center cut pork loins. Simply cut away the fat and pound the meat with a meat hammer or mallet as thin as possible. (see photos)

Schnitzel in 4 Easy Steps:

Step 1 – Once the meat is as thin as you like it, sprinkle with salt and pepper and if you like paprika.

Step 2 – Prepare two plates, one with breadcrumbs and the other with 1 egg, beaten. Dip the pieces of meat into the egg and then breadcrumbs until completely covered.

Step 3 – Add about 1 Tsp of extra virgin olive oil in a regular or electric frying pan. Fry on medium heat for about 20 minutes, depending on the thickness of the meat, turning once. When the meat is completely cooked, remove from pan and cover until your sauce is done.

Step 4 – Use the meat drippings in the frying pan to create your favorite sauce.

5 different Schnitzel varieties:

Wiener Schnitzel = no gravy

Rahm Schnitzel = gravy made with heavy cream

Jager (hunter) Schnitzel = regular gravy with fresh mushrooms

Zigeuner (gypsy) Schnitzel = red, green & yellow pepper gravy

Mexicalli Schnitzel = brown gravy with a mixture of peppers, onions and corn

Do you have a favorite Schnitzel recipe? Nicks favorite is the Mexicalli Schnitzel and mine has always been the Jager Schnitzel.

Meine Mutter kocht die besten Schnitzel auf der Welt! – My Mom makes the best schnitzel in the world. :) – Silke

Who is your favorite Schnitzel cook? Leave us a comment below.

4 Responses to Jager Schnitzel Recipe By Jager Foods

  • The info on this site is beneficial.

  • Being part German, and growing up in pa.these. dishes are common. My mouth is watering already. I’m making your recipe for schnietzel for dinner tomorrow. Cant wait. Thanks for your recipe from a true foody.

  • This is exactly how my Oma’s (Grandma) Jaegerschnitzel used to look like. I always thought it was much more involved than that, funny. I will make this tonight, I bet my husband will love it. Thank you for the great cooking tips.

  • Liebe Nina, You are very welcome! I’m glad you came across our Schnitzel recipe page. Making this meal always brings me back to my childhood in Germany. Let us know how it turned out for you.


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