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Is The Keurig Still Hot This Christmas?

To receive a Keurig coffee maker as a gift means someone really loves you or does it?

You’ve seen the Keurig Single-Cup Home Brewing System at department stores and you might have even received coupons for the K-cups. Last Christmas season’s hottest item, Keurig coffee makers went off the shelves like hot cakes.

The concept seems pretty straight forward… an individual sized serving of coffee based on your own personal preferences for flavor. With so many varieties and flavors of coffee it might even seem a little overwhelming to the average coffee consumer to figure out where to start when purchasing the little K-cups, much less the machine itself. Let’s look into this a little further and also scroll down for an amazingly easy Candy Cane Latte recipe…

Keurig Brewing System

The concept, no matter how novel the idea, is really a brilliant marketing strategy in disguise.

Like the old laser jet printers they used to sell for next to nothing only to turn around and charge an arm and a leg for the cartridges, the Keurig Home Brewing System falls right in line.

Imagine shelling out $40 for a 60 count variety K-cup pack. Then you’ll need the holder, called a K-cup carousel tower, because you can’t just throw these in a drawer and expect you’re guests, or yourself for that matter, to sort through them every time you’re in the mood for a hot drink.

Now that I have the downside to this contraption out of the way, why do I still stop in the department stores and linger over this thing? What inner turmoil is going on inside my head that I can’t let this crazy coffee maker go?

Shop For A Keurig

I’ve gone so far as to imagine a spot for it next to my toaster and bellying up to it every morning, like my kitchen had become my own in-house coffee shop. Imagine turning the carousel with so many flavors to choose from you completely forget that it was a simple beverage that brought you into the kitchen in the first place!

Once again I’ve gotten nowhere in my decision making process and I find myself back at the age old dilemma:

To Keurig or Not to Keurig?

Will we be so lucky, or unlucky, to get a Keurig Single Cup Home Brewing System as a Christmas present this year? Check back after the Holidays and find out.

Sweet Holiday Treat – Candy Cane Latte Recipe

Keurig Candy Cane Latte Recipe


  • 1 coffee K-cup pod, brewed at 6 oz. setting
  • 4 oz. Milk
  • 1 crushed Candy Cane
  • Whipped Cream (optional)


Place the candy cane pieces in the bottom of a 14 oz. coffee cup, reserve a few pieces. Brew the coffee directly into the cup using your Keurig, if you have one. Stir to dissolve the candy cane completely.
Froth the milk using a hand held or electric milk frother and add to the cup, top with whipped cream if you like. Finish your latte by adding the remaining candy cane pieces. Enjoy!

Do you own a Keurig coffee maker? Would you recommend it or would you steer people clear? Please share your thoughts with us.

Keurig Update: We did not receive a Keurig Single Cup Home Brewing System for Christmas and never purchased one ourselves. We are glad that we didn’t jumped on the Keurig band wagon since the machine would probably be packed away in the closet by now, never seeing the light of day.

The whole notion of having a freshly brewed cup of flavored coffee any time you desire one still sounds very tempting to me, but Silke doesn’t even like flavored coffee and the whole set up is just too expensive for our taste and budget.

22 Responses to Is The Keurig Still Hot This Christmas?

  • I love, love, LOVE my Keurig!!!! It’s so fast and perfect taste every time. I have an in-home daycare so I can’t just run out for a tasty coffee at a moment’s notice…..unless I want to take along 6 children….so it’s nice to go to my own kitchen, choose any variety I want, and less than a minute later I have it in my cup. The other thing I like is I can have one flavor, then change the flavor for the next cup!! I feel that it’s worth every penny!! I’ve had one for almost 2 years now and I don’t want any other coffeemaker :)

  • I’m glad I found your article. The information is useful, interesting and well-written. You make beneficial points that I concur with and appreciate. Thank you for this top notch material.

  • Thank you Lisa for leaving us a comment. We’re glad you enjoy your Keurig, it does make a lot of sense for anyone working from home. Check out my shoe site if you like ;)

  • Been using this since Christmas. I’ve been drinking one cup a day of coffee for 30 years and been through many coffee makers. This one will be replaced soon enough, after less than three months of use. The coffee is just not hot enough. Following the instructions precisely will yield a mediocre cup of coffee, which at the price per K-cup, is not worth it. Spend the $ and go with the more expensive Keurig makers, wish I did (and now I will have to).

  • I was introduced to this coffee maker about 6 months ago when I spent five days at a lake house in Texas with ten of my gal pals to celebrate my birthday. Each morning we had the thrill of going through the many selections of K-Cups and picking out the perfect one to suit our individual needs for that morning! Everyone got exactly what they wanted – in about 40 seconds. No mess, no fuss, no leftovers to toss away.

    After doing some more research into the variety of “single cup” brewing systems I realized that this really is THE ONE TO HAVE. Unlike the Tassimo brewing system, Keurig offers you a variety of gourmet coffee & tea manufacturers to choose from. Don’t forget to order the K-Cup Reusable Coffee filter so that you can use your own coffee grounds – yet another option that Keurig offers. Variety is the spice of life so stock up on your favorite herbals teas & flavored coffees and remember to order the Spinning Carousel to hold your choices (27 slots) for easy viewing! There are many websites to choose from that sell these K-cups. Amazon has a decent variety but they’re not always available.

    We’ve had so many friends pop in at a moments notice and instead of hurrying to brew a pot of coffee we just direct them to the K-cups and let them choose for themselves. No more making a pot of decaf and then a regular pot to please everyone!

    A great feature is that you can set a timer to have the system turn on so when you get up in the morning you have hot water ready to go and then set the timer to turn the machine off at another desired time. Keurig suggests leaving the system on all the time but I think it’s unnecessary especially if you’re only morning coffee drinkers like us! It only takes about 4 minutes for the water to heat up so if you can’t wait that long you’ve got issues that need to be addressed with a professional.

    Get this for your own household and one as a holiday gift to share with someone else. They’ll thank you over and over again!

    • Wow! There were times while I read this that I thought you wrote ad content for Keurig and other times when you had me laughing. Thank you for responding. I must say that after I read your write up you just may have converted me to the Keurig side of the coffe isle. On top of making coffee for your friends and guests it also seems like an entertainment package (i.e. choosing your flavor and comparing the different k-cups, etc.). We’ve linked back to Amazon for this blog because of the free shipping.

      Happy Holidays!

      Nick and Silke

  • I got the B40 about a week ago and so far could not be more pleased. I considered the B50 initially, but then determined that the programming and dual brew size were not necessary for me. After all, if the brew cycle only takes about 30 seconds, why set a timer for it to start at a certain time? Doing without those two features saved $50 also. The unit came with a sample pack of 18 different coffees and a couple of teas. The flavors/blends that I have tried so far have all been good. I don’t usually like very strong/bold coffee, so I can’t pass adequate judgement on those varieties. You can buy the K-Cups from several online sources in a variety of flavors for about $9-$13 for a 25-pack.

    The brewer itself couldn’t be easier to use. I am the only coffee drinker in the house, so I specifically wanted a single cup brewer. My online research led my to this unit and I am very pleased. The initial start-up out of the box takes about 3 minutes to get the system primed and heated. After that, the manual recommends leaving the unit on, which I do. If you choose to have it shut off after use it will take a couple of minutes to heat the water before the next brew. In my case I simply pop a K-Cup into the brewer, push the brew button and 30 seconds later I have a hot cup of tea or coffee. Remove the K-Cup and you’re done. The only cleanup is a 2-3 time yearly de-scale process. The unit is a little noisy in the brew process, but it’s not loud at all. That’s the only negative I would give it and I hesitate to call it a negative.

    • D. Kennedy,
      Thanks for giving us your view of the Keurig. We’ve gotten alot of positive feedback on this machine and from that we can make the assumption that the Keurig is hot this Holiday Season.

  • My wife’s Christmas present this year is a Keurig B70 coffee maker. We have a B100 at work that I was very impressed by and we decided that a home machine would nicely fill the need when we might want a cup or two, but might not want to make a full pot.

    Long story short: we love the machine. So far, our favorite coffee is Timothy’s Kona Blend — but we haven’t tried more than a handful of the scores of varieties of coffees and teas available for the beast. We got the extra filter for when we want to grind and use our own coffee in the machine, but have not yet had the opportunity to try it yet. It is a nice option to have.

    We’ll still use our Zojirushi thermal carafe brewer when we need a full pot, but the Keurig is wonderful for lesser amounts. Highly recommended.

    I learned today that one of the coffee roasters that supplies the K-cups, Green Mountain, just bought Keurig (an American company with a Dutch name). I hope this won’t limit the variety of coffees available for the machines — that would be a major bummer if other roasters bowed out and would cause me to pull my glowing recommendation.

    UPDATE 7/30/07: The B70 died today after 8 months of yeoman service. A call to Keurig revealed that the symptoms matched a “bad element” (one would assume heating element). A replacement machine in on its way (arrival in 3-4 days). Keurig doesn’t want the old machine back, just a part. Keurig customer service was extremely pleasant and professional. Assuming the replacement machine arrives in good form, the five star rating is intact. I do wonder if there is a generic problem with heating elements in this model — I’ll have to look through the newer reviews to see if I should worry.

    UPDATE 1/12/11: The replacement B70 is still going strong 3.5 years later. Still very happy with the unit.

  • The Keurig B-70 is my answer to easy coffee, anytime, quickly, with superb results. It also brews tea and makes hot chocolate simple. The machine itself is very high-tech looking and has a very expensive look and feel to it. It will look wonderful on any kitchen countertop or in any setting. I SIMPLY LOVE IT! Your guests will be drawn to it, it just looks so interesting with its mystical blue lights.

    There is absolutely no mess and it’s fun for your guests or family to be able to choose what they like from the hundreds of choices available, of course their choices will be limited to what you have on hand. Amazon seems to have the best deal on the K-cups which is the genius of the machine. Pop one in and in 30 seconds or so you have a steaming cup of your fsvorite beverage. Though it costs a bit more per beverage, you will easily make that up with its ease of use and convenience (saves a lot of time and mess). No longer will you be pouring half full pots of coffee down the drain.

    I also own the B-60 and I noticed that a reviewer here stated there are no differences. There are three huge differences that the B-70 features over the B-60. The larger reservoir is very nice to have, I don’t have to fill it so often. The fact that the B-70 brews a 12 oz cup is a giant difference to me. And last, the B-70 appears better engineered, it is much quieter and is also better looking.

    I give this the HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! AAA+++ It also has a one (1) year warranty, simply fill in the enclosed warranty card.

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  • I just wanted to throw my two cents in for the little coffee machines that aren’t getting that much attention this year. The Bosch “Tassimo” has a lot to offer and is engineered with the same high quality as other Bosch products. I can’t figure out the media blitz with the Keurig but I think other machines deserve some consideration as well.

  • I read every single review for this item. And then read them again. I went to the Keurig website and researched the B40. Came back to Amazon and read the reviews one more time. If I was going to pay $100 for a coffee machine, I wanted to be sure I knew as much as possible about it. I finally purchased the B40, and after getting it today and having brewed…

  • This is just what my office needed. I have been struggling to find a cafe convenient to my office where I could get a quick cup of java, since the shared pot on my floor is a bit too grimy for me. Of the FIVE cafes in my building, the coffee is too weak. So I investigated getting a single-serve machine. I figured that I could amortize the cost of the machine in 2-3 months. Upon the recommendations of the other reviewers I gave the Keurig a try. WOW sums it up. So very easy to use. Basically plug and go (actually you run water through the machine once to prime it). I use the Green Mountain French Roast Decaf. It’s not Starbucks, but then again it is convenient and will only cost FIFTY cents a cup. I use bottled water, so no need to run into the pantry. Also, clean up is a breeze – just take out the little pod and toss!! This could not be more perfect for my needs.

  • After having a commercial unit at work for the last few years, I finally decided to purchase one for the house. After doing a fair amount of research, I decided I didn’t need all of the bells and whistles on the other models, and purchased the B40. Set up was easy enough, but the noise made by the unit when filling the tank was extremely loud. The best way to describe…

  • I had to laugh when I came across this post. I noticed the publish date and it coincides with the time that I bought my wife one for Christmas. That said, it was tucked away after the holidays never to be looked at again. We just sold it on our garage sale this last week because we’re relocating. The coffee pot that we have was packed and shipped off to our next place of residence.
    It’s a novelty at best that never proved it’s worth.

    • Hi Jeff, I’d say somebody got a good deal at your garage sale, huh? We never did buy a Keurig ourselves, I don’t care for flavored coffee anyway. If anything I would love to have a nice cappuccino maker. We just got back from a visit to Germany and had at least one cup every day.
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.

  • I hate leaving the “good post” comment cuz it looks like I am trying to spam you, but…good post!

  • It’s been five years since we created this post. The style of the Keurig in the pictures may show it’s age but, like clock work, they roll them out every Holiday season. Do you own one or are you planning a purchase? Share with us your experience.

    • I’ve had my Keurig for two years now. It’s the second one that we have had. The new one can make a pot of coffee which makes more sense when you have guests over.


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