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Helping Mom Out In The Kitchen On Mother’s Day

Learn about kitchen knives and get gift ideas for Mother’s Day!

Why not help your mom out this Mother’s Day by giving her something that will be used and appreciated throughout the year? For all the meals that your mom has made for you and the family, why should she have to settle for kitchen tools that are old or simply worn out? Having both sharp knives and proper working tools around the kitchen is more than time saving, it also makes cooking more fun and enjoyable.

Now, this wouldn’t be much of a Mother’s Day article without mentioning our own Moms. So here is a picture of Silke with my mom in Minnesota and I’m in the picture below it with Silke’s mom in Germany. Thank you Sue and Ulla for all you have done for us over the years!



Now back to you. Is your Mom missing any knives in her kitchen?

As any good chef or home cook can tell you, a dependable kitchen knife is the most important tool a cook can have. A top quality knife set is a great gift for mom. Knife selection is determined by many factors, size, function, style, price and preference.

The most important factor is function since different knives have different uses. It is important to use the correct knife for a specific task. The use of a properly sized, sharp knife makes for safe cutting.

Mother's Day Gifts - Kitchen Knives and their functions

Getting the whole thing together for Mom. One thing that I’ve noticed in our own kitchen is that our knives are all over the place. Some are in drawers throughout the kitchen and then a few hang on a magnetic strip. Having all these knives in a block would make your mom’s cooking area a lot more user friendly, especially if she has a small kitchen. In this picture Silke’s brother is marinating steaks in their mom’s tiny kitchen in Germany.

Helping in the kitchen on Mother's Day

Who doesn’t want to help out in the kitchen, especially on Mother’s Day?

Some of the most warming memories I have (I have five younger siblings), is having home cooked meals that we all enjoyed as a family. It was always a lot of fun helping Mom with the cooking and then letting her relax after the meal while we ‘kids’ did the clean up.

Best Kitchen & Dining Products For Mom

Mom should never be forgotten, and what better way to show your appreciation than giving a gift she can use and that will help her every day of the year. What did you think of our Mother’s Day gift ideas?

What are you giving your Mom for Mother’s Day this year? Leave us a comment below.


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