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Easy Recipes For Two Video Series

Check out the Easy Recipes For Two video channel to this blog back on the foodie track.

Putting food back into the Jager Foods website has been my goal for awhile now. The original premise of the Jager Foods website was to sell my parents dry packaged soups. Through time it evolved into our own personal blog site and the food part got put on the back burner (no pun intended). The idea that it could be something more was always in the back of my mind.

I pitched the idea of making cooking videos while Silke was cooking some time ago. She was reluctant because of timing and feeling self conscious about our kitchen, her voice (accent) and looks. Fast forward to today and we’re both in a much better frame of mind to do this plus the fact that our kitchen is perfect for shooting  our easy recipe cooking videos.

Easy Recipes for Two – Silke is a natural in the kitchen and after making several wonderful meals in our new kitchen, I finally got her to consent to the idea. A series of videos that not only shows you how to make the recipe, but feedback on the final product as well.

Easy Recipes For Two

Each cooking video will be complimented by a blog post on the Jager Foods website, located under the ‘Food’ tab, that will list the ingredients and also give the cooking instructions. The blog will allow people to comment on the recipes and lets them share their own personal experiences as well.

Ready, set, action! – Silke and I have shot videos before for our hobby blog,  so we’re not complete novices with the video production part. We’ve come a long way since our first videos.

Newer equipment has payed off for us in numerous ways. The quality is one of the main things that really makes a video stand out, and when it comes to camera equipment, the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’, really rings true.

Getting real to reel – Our intent is to make cooking videos that are entertaining as well as educational. We don’t script anything, so the end result gives you a feel of truly home cooked meals and how easy these recipes really are.

Easy Recipes for Two Youtube Video Channel

We think good video content that will help people build their confidence to tackle recipes in the kitchen is the perfect scenario for success.

Hopefully you’ll find our video series ‘Easy Recipes For Two’ helpful and engaging. Be sure you let us know how we’re doing by dropping us a line or leaving a comment.

See you in the kitchen,

Nick and Silke

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