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The following Easy Recipes for Two videos have been created with step by step cooking instructions. Our short recipe videos are fun to watch and show you the cooking process from start to finish. We show all the ingredients you need, guide you through the cooking process and even take our first bites and reactions in front of the camera.

All of our easy cooking videos are great for beginner cooks!

The ingredients can be easily doubled for a family of four. Save money by cutting down on fast food or expensive restaurant visits and learn how to make healthy and delicious meals at home.

Recipe videos from Nick and Silke Jager

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Super Easy Spaghetti Bolognese

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Healthy Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe

Hard boiled eggs, a spicy German mustard and just a little amount of low fat mayonnaise and some spices, onions and pickles make up this healthy Egg Salad Recipe.  Watch our Egg Salad cooking video

Chicken Breasts Fiesta Style Recipe

This Fiesta Style Chicken Recipe is very versatile. You could substitute any kind of chicken meat, as well as your favorite vegetables on top of the tomatoes and corn. Watch our Fiesta Chicken cooking video

BBQ Baked Chicken with Potato Wedges and Beans

This baked BBQ Chicken breast with spicy potato wedges and fresh green beans recipe is perfect for the health and weight conscious. Watch our BBQ Chicken recipe video

Stuffed Peppers with Instant Rice Recipe

Another easy to make, versatile, one dish recipe. It calls for 2 peppers in any color, hamburger or ground chuck (ground turkey works as well), instant rice, onions, tomatoes and spices. Watch our Stuffed Peppers cooking video

Pepperoni Pizza Poppers

This easy recipe makes just enough pizza poppers for two people, perfect for date night. If you want to feed more people, you will need to adjust the amount of ingredients accordingly. This is a fun little recipe to put together with kids. Watch our Pizza Poppers cooking video

Chicken Bake with Spinach Recipe Video

You’ll have this easy Chicken Tetrazzini Bake for Two ready in an hour, half of which is the bake time. Finding the time and energy to cook after coming home from work just got a whole lot easier. Especially once you’ve tasted this outstanding chicken bake with spinach. Watch our Chicken Bake cooking video here

Simple Crab Cakes Recipe Video

We’ve made this crab cakes recipe for so long that it has become second nature to whip it together in no time at all. You’ll find out after you make it just once that how easy it is and you will enjoy how light of a meal it is. Perfect for someone on the go! Watch our Crab Cakes cooking video

How to Make Home Made Pizza

Making your own homemade pizza isn’t really that difficult anymore. With ready made pizza dough, available at your local grocery store, the hardest part will be deciding what to put on it. Watch our Home Made Pizza cooking video

Easy Spinach Quiche Recipe Video

Here is a recipe for a super easy Egg Bake that you can make for any day of the week, not just for Sunday brunch. For this versatile recipe I used eggs, potatoes, spinach, mushrooms, green onions and cheese as the main ingredients. It turned out absolutely delicious! Watch our Quiche cooking video here

How to Make A Vanilla Latte Video

There’s nothing better than a good coffee after a nice meal. Check out these 8 Easy Espresso Recipes and then watch our fun little video on how to make a Vanilla Latte.

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