Learn all about wine for your next party or get-together.

You don’t need to be an aficionado in order to appreciate a nice glass of wine. Enhancing your meal with a glass of wine should be simple and fun. Use the information we provide here to help you find the right wine to complement the food you are serving at your next dinner party.

First of all, let’s find out how much wine you need:

  • a 0.75-L bottle will give you 5 servings
  • a 1.5-L bottle will serve 10 people

If you end up with extra bottles you can always save them for the next get-together. Keep your wine in a specialty wine cooler or store them horizontal on a wine rack or cabinet.

How to open a wine bottle

Click the image to learn how to open a wine bottle the easy way.

Learn how to speak wine lingo?

aroma/bouquet – aroma is the fruity scent in a young wine, bouquet is the complex scent of older wines.

body – the substance of a wine in your mouth (light, full or medium bodied)

crisp/soft – crispness refers to the sharp taste of a wine, soft wine is smooth tasting

fruity – having ripe flavors of fruit

finish – the impression a wine leaves on your palate

oaky – characteristic style of wine aging in an oak barrel

tannin – natural preservative found in grape skin, stems and seeds, high levels will make your mouth pucker

An all purpose wine glass is fine for both red and white wines.

Especially shaped glasses are best used for sparkling wines and very dark wines.

Libbey wine glasses for your next party

Select the right wine for every occasion! Learn about the different types of wine available.

White Wines

Light bodied and sweet white wines are great for summer picnics and appetizers. Serve with mild cheeses, Asian foods, fruits and desserts.

Light bodied and fruity white wines go best with simple dishes and vegetables. Serve with dips, appetizers, light pasta and seafood dishes.

Medium bodied white wines are mild and fruity. Serve with appetizers, strong cheeses, sandwiches, pasta and any seafood dish.

Full bodied white wines go well with creamy dishes including pork, chicken, beef, lamb and seafood. Serve with just about anything except dessert.

Sparkling white wines are light, crisp and fun. They work well with spicy foods, dips, appetizers, Asian dishes, light pasta and desserts.

Blush Wines

Light bodied and sweet blush wines are for casual meals like picnics & appetizers. Serve with mild cheeses, Asian foods, poultry, seafood and fruits.

Red Wines

Light bodied and sweet red wines are best for casual picnics and appetizers. Serve with dips, mild cheeses, light pasta, salmon dishes and desserts.

Light bodied and fruity red wines taste crisp and fruity and go well with pasta and sandwiches. Serve with fish, chicken, mid cheeses, beef & BBQ.

Medium bodied red wines are smooth and mild. Serve with pizza, grilled meats, vegetables, lamb, heavy pasta, chicken and seafood.

Full bodied red wines are dry, powerful and full of flavor. Serve with strong cheese, beef, pork, lamb and heavy pasta.

Sweet full bodied dessert red wines taste rich and luscious. Serve with appetizers, strong cheese, fruit platters and desserts.

Find Everyday Wine Glasses

Do you have a favorite white, red or blush wine? Leave us a comment below. 

2 thoughts on “Wine Simplified!”
  1. My favorite is a nicely chilled, slightly dry prosecco, there are many excellent choices of wineries. Very refreshing after a hot day here in Belize. Hmmm, think I’ll put a bottle in the fridge now. :-) wish you could join us!

    1. I don’t remember having a glass of wine the whole time we were in Belize. Maybe that’s why I had such a hard time ;). Your freshly baked bread and cocktails were deeply appreciated though. I miss you guys and will think of you the next time I open a bottle.

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