There are very few things in this world more underestimated than tea.

A simple cup of tea is a box of wonder for the wealth of benefits it offers to you. Tea goes far beyond its refreshing taste. Do you know tea even goes as far as reducing your risk of heart disease, stroke, and cancer? Learn about the many benefits of tea. 

Just two cups of tea daily, and you are fortifying your immune system while consolidating your overall health. Is this a bad bargain? NO. 

Iced black tea is very refreshing
A refreshing glass of unsweetened iced tea with lemon. Let us learn further why you shouldn’t dare ignore that lovely cup of daily tea. 

Tea sends stress packing

Stress is one bully we struggle to shake off. Tea is very potent in reducing our stress levels. Herbal teas like rishi hot tea have significantly reduced caffeine content. Reducing your caffeine consumption will reduce the exertion on your nervous system. 

This makes tea your best go-to option. The absence of amino acids in tea ensures that it gives you an immense soothing effect. What more? Tea has a lovely aroma, further relaxing your nerves while the herbal scent has its way of triggering increased positive thoughts in the drinker.

Rishi Blueberry Hibiscus Tea

More Benefits of Tea – it is rich in antioxidants.

Your body is in love with antioxidants because of their bulky health benefits. Antioxidant fortifies the body against the devastating effects of pollution. You will not disagree that the twenty-first century is piled with pollution, especially industrial pollution.

It is therefore exciting that tea is filthy rich with vital antioxidants.

Precisely, tea has massive polyphenol content. This wonderful antioxidant is very effective in reducing inflammation as well as combating cancer. 

Catechin which is richly contained in rishi hot tea is another antioxidant found in tea which plays a huge role in reducing cell damage.  It is also interesting to note that tea is prebiotic and does a whole lot of good to your guts. 

Benefits of Tea – Rishi tea is famed for packing loads of antioxidants ensuring the optimal functionality of our body for longer. 

Tea may shrink your risk of cardiovascular disease. 

Not that we want to spoil your day, but do you know that stroke kills 140,000 Americans every year? Stroke amidst other cardiovascular disease is a notorious culprit responsible for most of the deaths in the world. Yet there is a simple cure for all this – and it is sweet too: tea! 

Tea reduces your likelihood of suffering stroke and other heart diseases by lowering your LDL cholesterol. Such reduction greatly downsizes your risk of a heart attack. Scientists have found out that a plant compound called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) found in green tea eliminates harmful protein plaques located in blood vessels. This subdues the risk of heart attack.

With all these glamorous health benefits of tea, you see why you shouldn’t dare miss that beautiful cup of tea daily.

Incredible flavors assures you of the most delicious and nutritious rishi tea you can get. Get one today and let us drink to your health!

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What’s your favorite tea flavor and do you know of any other health benefits of drinking tea? Share your thoughts and comments in the section below. Thank you, we love to hear from our readers. 

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