Having hot and spicy food is perfect especially when it comes to living in a cold environment.

Most non-vegetarians always choose chicken as their first source of protein. This is because chicken is a healthy source of protein particularly when it is fresh. Korean fried chicken is quite popular in most parts of the world. Most people love it because it has been well seasoned, mixed in corn starch and fried till its super crunchy and dry.

The spices used in making Korean fried chicken tasty include: Korean gochujang chili paste, tomato sauce, honey, vinegar, sesame oil with a couple of other seasonings of your choice.

Popular Korean fried chicken

The Korean chicken recipe varies as it could either be grilled, fried or baked. All of them are tasty, spicy and have irresistible aromas.

Korean fried chicken is widely loved, especially in cold weather. Not just that, there are many benefits when it comes to health benefits. Gami fried chicken locations always have the best Korean Fried Chickens.

What are the benefits of eating chicken?

Chickens are of great benefit to the body and contribute to healthy growth. Check out this delicious low carb braised chicken and vegetable recipe with step by step photo instructions by Tiana. 

Keeps bones healthy

Chicken is very nutritive and rich when it comes to phosphorus and calcium, which aids to make your bones healthy. Precisely, for people who have issues with their bones especially in terms of weakness, this is most definitely the best choice.

Reinforce insusceptibility

Chicken has a good number of minerals, which helps in developing the immunity system. Having a bite of different chicken types is very important when it comes to fighting against diseases.

Chicken reduces heart attack risks

Studies reveal that chicken possesses a good quantity of vitamin B6 which diminishes the prospect of heart attacks. More to that, if the chicken is spicy or has a perfect blend of chili peppers, the harmful effects of cholesterol and capsaicin which in turn reduces the rate of heart attacks. 

Helpful in children’s growth

The most essential aspect for a child’s growth is an amino acid and chicken is a great source of that amino acid. It is quite essential for the child’s tissues, cells and other parts that need to be enhanced. Amino acids make up 75% of the human body, they are important for the smooth functioning of all parts of the body. 

Do you need an easy chicken recipe for your weeknight dinner? Try out this baked chicken thigh recipe

Boost up metabolism

Chicken contains vitamin B6 which aids in boosting enzymes and metabolic cellular reactions. This shows why consuming chicken is very important as it can help in keeping the blood vessels healthy. Not just that, but it also increases a person’s energy and metabolism which helps to burn calories. This aids in maintaining weight and one’s exercise level as well.

Chicken reduces stress

Vitamin B5 which is important when it comes to calming down nerves can be found in great quantities in chicken. Thus for anyone who is tense, having spicy and grilled chicken is the best thing to eat.

Helps in the proper formation of muscles

Chicken is a great source of protein as well, this helps in building muscles, so it remains the first choice among bodybuilders. 

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