Coffee is a staple drink for every home and is recognized as one of the most consumed beverages in the entire world.

Having a cup of warm and freshly brewed coffee on a chilly morning is a fantastic way to start the day – its pleasant aroma awakens the senses in a way that no other drink can. In this article you will learn the most famous types of Coffee.

A student who needs to stay awake until dawn to study can down at least a cup or two of black Campos Coffee to finish the essay he or she is working on. A professional who gets up in the wee hours of the morning to work can make use of a hot mug of this popular brew. Security guards on the graveyard shift can stay alert with the help of a little caffeine kick.

Any time's a good time for coffee.

Everyone needs a bit of coffee in their veins sometimes, or for some people, all the time. 

How is Coffee Made?

Not many people may know this, but coffee comes from a fruit named Coffea that belongs to the berry family and is the seed of the coffee plant. So how is coffee made then? Ripe berries from the coffee plant are picked and then dried.

Once dried, the seeds, or what is more popularly known as coffee beans, are roasted to specific temperatures and then ground and brewed in hot, near-boiling water. And that’s how coffee is produced! This whole process is what it takes to get that beautiful cup of a black liquid miracle that we call coffee. True, it is a long and arduous process, but it’s worth it.

What’s Brewing?

Everyone knows what a cappuccino or espresso is, and that’s not surprising because those are two of the most popular coffee variants worldwide. But aside from the two types that were mentioned, there are at least nine other types of coffee that others may not have known.

To get the facts straight, here’s the list of four of the most famous coffee drinks you can choose from the next time you go to a café. 

Famous Types of Coffee

Starting the list with the most basic but famous type of coffee in the market, Cafe Americano is concocted using just two ingredients: hot water and espresso coffee. It is done by adding hot water to a shot of espresso – simple yet powerful. This coffee variant got its name from the American baristas, who started making it after the war. For anyone who needs a strong caffeine kick, this is the beverage of choice.

Next on the list is café latte, or more known to others as Café Au Lait; it consists of steamed milk, which makes it a bit frothy and a single shot of coffee. 

Macchiato is another crowd favorite and is almost as strong as the espresso; the only difference is it is topped off with foamed milk. Some love chocolate as the root for a mochaccino, which is a latte with a dash of chocolate syrup or powder, and is sometimes served with whipped cream on top.

Lastly, Irish Coffee is not only popular among the Irish people, but most restaurants everywhere serve this coffee to individuals who love both coffee and alcohol, because Irish coffee contains whiskey, sugar, and layered with thick cream on top of it. Whew, what a way to end a good night!

As much as everyone loves coffee, be warned that large consumption of this brew can cause you sleepless nights, so it is best to drink in moderation as with any other beverage. Sip away and enjoy it!

What is your favorite coffee drink? Leave us a comment below. 

2 thoughts on “Various Types of Coffee Suitable for Every Taste”
  1. What is my favorite coffee drink? I’d have to say, Cold-Brew, warmed in the microwave to 140 degrees, then a splash of 36% cream. It tastes divine.

    That being said, your Irish Coffee sounds wonderful. Christmas is coming and the cold weather is here. I think it’s time to go pick up some Irish Whiskey.

    1. Hi Russell, Thank you for your comment. Yes, an Irish Coffee is the best on a cold winter night. I wasn’t sure about 36% cream, but it’s the same as heavy whipping cream, which is a wonderful addition to any coffee. In my humble opinion anyway :) Silke

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