Step into any kitchen store and you’ll discover an overwhelming, unlimited array of choices when it comes to utensils.

Although it might not be the biggest purchase you’ll make in your kitchen, choosing the proper utensil to add to your collection is an important decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. A good quality wooden utensil can save you lots of time and money in the future.

With so many choices, why should you choose wood over other materials such as plastic, metal or silicone?

Benefits of using wooden spoons in the kitchen

Comfort: Have you ever attempted to stir something thick like cookie dough or cake batter with a flimsy, plastic spoon? Not only is it challenging and nearly impossible to stir (and can make your batter feel like a bowl of cement), but it can lead to pain and discomfort in your hand, wrist and arm. Metal spoons can twist and dig into your palm, while plastic can warp, bend, and snap. Wooden spoons are easy to grip, comfortable and won’t break in the batter.

Heat resistant: Unlike metal utensils, wooden spoons don’t conduct heat, which could lead to painful, unexpected burns. Have you ever grabbed a metal spoon that’s been resting in a pot of spaghetti sauce? Many of us have at least once, and it’s not a pleasant experience. Plastic spoons may warp and melt when resting against a pot or pan, or even when immersed in high heat substances.

Scratch proof: Wooden utensils are soft and gentle and wont scratch and destroy your pricey pots and pans.

Design and creativity: Wooden utensils have a unique, stylish appearance and can even be made by hand with little woodworking knowledge and some basic supplies, which many people already own, or are easily found at any home improvement store. For example, to make your own, DIY hand carved wooden spoon, you will need a small scrap of wood, sandpaper in various sizes and grit, a pencil, carving tools such as a knife and spoon gouges, a rag and oil.

Another simple DIY project to consider is a wooden utensil box. This is the perfect solution for where to store those precious, handmade utensils that are much too special to shove into a drawer. For this item, you will need four pieces of wood cut to equal size. Once you find the wood you may need to pick up an affordable miter saw to make the cuts. To decorate your holder, you can use a drill, sandpaper, wood stain of your choice, and paint or miscellaneous crafting material. The decorating possibilities are endless so let your creativity fly!

Not only is a beautiful, handcrafted wooden utensil a great conversation starter when entertaining, but you may even find you’re getting requests from friends and family to make them their own wooden masterpieces. This new skill could possibly lead to a profitable side business, or a personalized, one of a kind gift for someone special.

Thank you James from for this insightful article. Here’s another reason why you should choose a wooden spoon. It keeps the water from boiling over your pot and making a mess. I always use a wooden spoon to lay across the pot whenever I cook noodles or rice. It really works. 

Do you use wooden utensils in your kitchen? Leave us a comment. 

5 thoughts on “The Benefits Of Wooden Utensils”
  1. When purchasing wholesale tableware, quality assurance should be a top priority. After all, you want your tableware to not only look appealing but also withstand the demands of regular use. Look for suppliers who prioritize quality and offer products that are durable, reliable, and long-lasting.

    1. Ha, that’s funny :) Do you like a specific wooden utensil in particular? I have a wooden spatula made from bamboo that I am partial to. Thanks for leaving us a comment. – Silke

  2. It’s interesting to know that wood utensils are more heat resistant. I love to cook, and I’m always looking for new recipes and foods to try. I will try more wood utensils for my kitchen because of your advice also I think they look gorgeous.

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