Fresh produce is closer then you think if you live in our Spartanburg, SC, neighborhood.

This quaint ‘Mom and Pop’ store just recently reopened. Maters & Milk is serving everything from wholesome milk to locally sourced vegetables and fruits. Farm Fresh eggs are properly displayed, along with a nice assortment of jams and honey.

Do you like to go on little road trips? This fresh produce store offers a nice selection of various kinds of produce and products that are all locally grown and made in the Upstate. The selection will vary on the time of the year and availability.

Introducing Maters & Milk Fresh Produce at

401 Old Canaan Rd, Spartanburg, SC 29306

Maters & Milk

All of the products and produce at Maters & Milk are clearly marked. If there’s something you want and you don’t see it on the shelf, leave your name & number and they will be sure to let you know when its available again. Ah, true customer service!

Fresh corn display

Carolina Bees Honey

Golden Ticket Yellow Cornmeal

Located at the intersection of Old Canaan Rd and Canaan Rd in Spartanburg county, just outside the city limits. Visiting Maters & Milk is a great opportunity to drive out into the upstate South Carolina country side.

It’s a little bit city and a whole lot of country!

The greeters for Maters & Milk

Fun metal sculptures will welcome you to the country store.
Metal Pig Sculpture

Metal Chicken Sculpture

A Trip Down Memory Lane To The Country Store

There is quite a bit of history that is presented within the Maters & Milk country store as well. Ms. April, a down to earth, attentive and friendly lady, is the original owner’s grand-daughter. She can tell you stories about the past, the neighborhood and knows all about the store’s origins.

Here you can see some of the photos of the original structure.

Maters & Milk original store photos

Maters & Milk started out as Abernathy’s Grocery, a small brick store

on the corner of Canaan and Old Canaan Roads.

Ed Abernathy founded his grocery store more than 50 years ago. The store building itself has been around for even longer now. The locals affectionately referred to the proprietor as Mr. Ed, he walked with a cane and had snow white hair. Most of the customers back then were farmers.

According to the newspaper article the store was closed down during the depression.

I let everything out on credit and had to close down. – Ed Abernathy

Even though Mr. Ed had a metal box with about $3,000 worth of bills, he would still let his customer have what they took on credit because they needed it. Some of the people who used to be his customers now lie in the cemetery. Those surely were different times!

According to Ida Splawn, Mr. Ed’s daughter, they used to have cheese in the hoop and a big cheese slicer and they would weigh out the amount the customer wanted. They had ‘Bloodhound’ tobacco in a wooden box marked for cutting in different sized portions and they had metal ‘Bloodhound’ tags they stuck in the tobacco that they cut. Now it comes wrapped in plastic.

Fresh boiled peanuts for sale


Product shelf at Maters & Milk

Maters & Milk Business Hours

Come in We're Open window display

The prices are naturally a bit higher than your chain store, but it is so nice to have locally grown, fresh produce and products available to us. Our closest grocery store is a good 15 minute drive by car.

The Maters & Milk country store is just up the road from us. If it wasn’t for the crazy drivers on Old Canaan we could ride our Trek bikes to the store in less than 5 minutes.

This little store is definitely worth a visit! It doesn’t matter if you want to shop there regularly or just stop by to get a treat and take some pictures for your favorite social media site.

Be sure to add Maters & Milk to your must-see destinations.

Do you have a country store where you live? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

4 thoughts on “Maters & Milk Fresh Produce Store”
  1. This looks like a really neat little store. I think it’s great they’ve reopened it, sadly we don’t have a country store like that where I live. I’ll make it a point to stop in the next time I’m in the area, I visit family in the Greer area a couple times a year.

    1. Thank you for leaving us a comment Nicole! The city of Greer is only about 20 – 30 minutes away from the store so that would make for a nice little outing. Let us know what you think of the country store after your visit. :) – Silke

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