Food is one of the basic needs, and we can’t live without it.

This means that you probably spend a considerable amount of money on your groceries each month. Since you can’t avoid these costs, you should do your best to reduce them. Here are a few tips that should help you save money.

Plan your meals the other way around

It is a known strategy to create a list of meals and then buy the ingredients that you need for them. However, if you want to save some money, you could try to do this the other way around. Take a look at the best deals in the stores and see which meals you can cook out of them.

Check your pantry

If you don’t eat your food fast you might end up throwing it away. Therefore, you should make sure that you check your pantry on a weekly basis and see which items are about to expire. Place them somewhere you can see them so that they are used.

Online grocery shopping

There are some people who think online grocery shopping is an additional cost, but the truth is that you might end up saving some money. Sites such as allow you to get your grocery delivered from your favorite local stores.

The best thing about that is that you will be able to select the items with the lowest prices and you will be able to compare different offers.


Many people end up buying items they already own. That is why you should do an inventory. Just take the food out of your freezer, and your pantry, and make a list of everything you have. This way you don’t end up buying anything twice.

Don’t go shopping too often

The best way to reduce your expenses is by going shopping only once a week. If you do that you will reduce temptations and it will be easier to focus only on the necessary items.

Find alternatives

If you need specific ingredients that are too expensive, you could try replacing them with some substitutes. There are always some lower cost alternatives. Doing this every time you go grocery shopping will help you save some money.


Couponing is a great way of reducing the costs. Since we live in the era of technology, we no longer need to cut coupons out of newspapers. Nowadays you can download them. There are plenty of websites such as where you can find all the coupons that are available in your region.

After you find the coupons you want, you will have two options: you can either get them on your phone and use a store loyalty card, or you can print them.

Do you have another way to save money while grocery shopping? Leave us a comment below.

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