Are you looking for the perfect drink combination that suits all occasions?

Then, it would be best if you gave gin and tonic a try. It’s an elegant and straightforward drink whose more exceptional composition relies heavily on the tonic. 

With so many tonic waters at your disposal, one may wonder which makes the perfect choice. If you get to know what you are searching for, you’ll save a considerable sum of cash and time as well. Here are three useful tips for choosing the ideal tonic water. 

Tonic Water Tips

Look at the Tonic bottle

One of the essential things to note while choosing any tonic water, including Strangelove tonic water, is checking its ingredients. You can also look at the container’s kind and what it contains to determine the tonic’s quality.

You can get some insightful clues by looking at the carbonation.

Its carbonation level often gets to decide the tonic’s quality. The carbonation tends to hold much better in a glass bottle and thus gives the tonic that enhanced fresh, bubbly taste. 

While looking at the sweetener, you need to evade any sweetener that has high fructose corn syrup. Instead, you can aim to get cane sugar or agave syrup. If you intend to make a vodka tonic, you can choose the floral flavored tonic. 

Skip the light stuff

Tonic water is the ideal balance between sweet and bitter. Thus, you need to choose the perfect mix with a more natural sweetness. Tonic water has a free sweetener, which can get pretty overwhelming for a sugar-averse person.

To avoid having any unpleasant-tasting sweeteners, you can skip the light stuff. You can also try cutting the tonic with a quarter or half of plain carbonated water. It’ll go a long way in saving you money as a top-notch tonic is quite expensive.

The syrups to use with Tonic Water

The beauty of tonic syrups is that you can take a more DIY approach. Thus, any person gets to add syrup to their soda whenever they please. 

You should know that tonic syrup gets made from the ground up cinchona back instead of isolated quinine.

Thus, it has that unique earthy, brown looking, and barky tasting feel. If you add the tonic syrup to the carbonated water, you might have less ample carbonation within the mixed drink. If you want to achieve the right fizz level, you can add an extra edge to your soda stream.

With this DIY approach, you should be extra careful as too much can become potentially dangerous. It’d be best to use the right recipe and follow it to the letter lest you get the cinchonas condition. You need to know about the toxic safety and quinine safety so that you don’t push the limits.

While shopping for tonic water, you need to stay alert to all circumstances and make your drink like a pro to evade any overdose.

Choosing the ideal tonic water, including Strangelove tonic water, can make a lot of difference in creating the perfect tonic. It’ll enable you to mix the right tonic like a pro and plunge into its sweetness.

Do you have a favorite tonic water? Please share in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you. 

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