Dark coffee comprises of coffee beans that have been roasted for a long time.

Bean are roasted to the point that they turn dark brown to almost black. The beans are oily and the coffee brewed with dark roasted coffee beans gets a characteristic bittersweet taste. Learn what to look for when buying dark coffee.

The popularity of dark roast coffee has its origin in Europe and that is why it is commonly known as French, Italian, Spanish or Continental roasts. Espresso is also made using dark coffee.  While it is said that light roast coffee has more antioxidants than the dark coffee, the dark roasted coffee has a rich flavor. When it comes to how a coffee is, that is determined by how much coffee you use during the brewing process.

How do you drink a dark roast?

The best way to drink a dark roast if fresh from the pot, while the coffee is still very hot. It is recommended that the dark roast coffee is made using the pour over process. This is where you pour hot water directly over ground coffee beans in a small pot. Let it steep for several minutes and then push a plunger to filter the coffee grounds.

Some coffee drinker, especially from warmer climates like Italy, prefer to drink a dark roast coffee by adding sugar. They say it enhances the flavor of the coffee. Adding a drop of milk or cream will take away some of the bitter flavor and helps some coffee drinkers with digestion.


5 Tips For Buying Dark Coffee

Here are some dark coffee buying tips you can use.

1. Buy freshly roasted coffee

The best coffee beans you can use to make your coffee are those that are freshly roasted. They have the best flavor. Always buy roasted beans that are less than a week old since the flavor deteriorates the longer they remain on the shelf. Check out various types of coffee suitable for every taste.

The freshness duration is especially important for dark coffee since it has a shorter freshness window considering that the beans have been roasted for longer. They may become stale in days instead of weeks. Ensure to check the roast date on the package to ensure it is still fresh. Also, go for coffee that is packaged in airtight bags since it retains its aroma and flavor better.

2. Buy smaller volumes

If you are not a heavy brewer, it is best to buy smaller volumes of dark coffee beans instead of a large volume that will last for days and end up being stale. You can look for a local roaster where you can get freshly roasted dark coffee beans or ground coffee.

Small coffee bag for dark roast

3. Opt for roasted coffee beans instead of ground coffee

Roasted coffee beans tend to stay fresh longer than ground coffee and therefore have better quality flavor. If possible, opt for dark roasted coffee beans instead of getting ground coffee.
Also, with whole beans, you can grind the coffee to your desired size.

4. Avoid overly oily dark coffee beans

Dark roast coffee is beans roasted for longer until they become dark and oily. The more they are roasted, the oilier they become. Over roasted beans tastes burned and bland, the more reason you should avoid it. The ground coffee is also sticky and results to irregular brewing.

When buying dark coffee, make sure it is not over-roasted. Well-roasted dark coffee has a dry surface that is not too oily.

5. Always buy dark coffee from a trusted roaster.

You definitely want the best dark coffee beans or ground coffee. To ensure you get the best, go to a trusted roaster who has the dark coffee that meets your needs. Better still, it should be a roaster who knows the source of the coffee, and not just the country, but other information such as the region and elevation.

A roaster, coffee shop or online coffee retailer who knows the source of the beans is serious about roasting coffee and is more likely to roast high quality dark coffee.

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