There are many refreshing drinks that people enjoy from all over the world.

Tea is one of these drinks that are popular in all parts of the world. It is an aromatic beverage that is prepared with hot boiling water. One simply needs to pour the hot or the boiling water over the cured leaves of the tea tree. There are many types of teas that are prepared the world over. Some of the tea varieties are medicinal, some are bitter and others have another type of taste profile such as floral, sweet, grassy or nutty taste. Now, other than water, turkish apple tea is the most consumed drink in the world.

3 different teas to try

Are you a tea lover? How many types of tea have you tried over the years? You might want to think of trying some of the various types of tea types from all over the world. We shall discuss the 3 most popular types of tea that every tea lover should try. These are:

1. Turkish Apple Tea

This is one of the most popular types of tea drinks in the world. In Turkey, this is referred to as the national soft drink of the country. This type of tea is grown in Turkey and is the most consumed beverage ahead of coffee and other types of drinks. One of the reasons this type of tea has gained fame in the world is that it has soothing qualities when served hot during the winter months. It is also refreshing and does a great role of quenching thirst during the hot summers when served over ice.

So what exactly is the Turkish apple tea? How is it made? Well, it is made from the black tea leaves that are enhanced by the use of spices and apple flavoring. This type of tea can also be blended in many other ways to create the right kind of flavor and refreshing taste for the various people or occasions. It blends well with herbs, fruits, plants and pineapple among other items. You can buy Turkish apple tea from the local tea shops and online tea stores all over the world.

2. Black Tea

This kind of tea is also very common the world over. It has a diverse range of teas that are used either in a flavored state or just in its plain mode. It is known for its rich flavor. How is this type of tea made? What is the process of making this tea from the tree plant? Well, it is made by withering the tea leaves and then rolling the tea leaves and letting it ferment for a longer period. This is as opposed to the other types of teas such as Oolong and green tea. Black tea has a number of benefits such as helping control the blood sugar, aiding in weight loss and generally can be used as a refreshing beverage.

3. Oolong Tea

Every tea lover should try this popular Chinese type of tea that is commonly brewed in many parts of the world. Also known as the Wu long tea, this popular tea blend comes from the Fujian Province in PR of China. Sometimes it can be referred to as the Chinese restaurant tea. This kind of tea has a slight aroma of fruits and is known to combine the benefits of black tea and green tea. The fact that is has double the quantity of antioxidants found in black tea and green tea means that drinking this tea gives the tea lovers great health benefits.

What’s your favorite tea flavor? All you tea lovers, leave us a comment below. 

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