Wooster and Jeeves are part of the security team here at Steppingstones Resort in Belize.

Well, that’s just one of their many duties, Wooster and Jeeves are also good walking companions and greeters of sorts. Below you find a conversation by Wooster and Jeeves, they heard about this blog and wanted to contribute. The exchange was overheard and recorded by Nick…

Jeeves on the Beach in Belize


Jeeves: My brother and I are the best darn dogs along this stretch of coastline and we have lots of stuff to share with your guys.

Wooster: Ditto to whatever my sister said.

Wooster in Belize


Jeeves: Ugh! Brothers can be so annoying sometimes.

Wooster: Okaaaayy, I’m the one who gets petted the most so I must be doing something right.

Jeeves: Anyway. Speaking on behalf of the top notch security team here at Steppingstones we’re happy to be contributing this article for Nick and Silke. They are our latest masters and they seem to be doing a good job so far of house sitting here at the resort.

Wooster: Yeah! It was a bit confusing at first, but Nick and Silke are nice and they eventually grew on us.

Jeeves: Why was it confusing?

Wooster: Well, they gave us these names for a start. Really? Wooster and Jeeves? What was wrong with the names we had?

Jeeves: I don’t think they could remember them so they just gave us new ones, I guess.

Wooster: Oh!

Jeeves: Anyway. Nick and Silke take their house sitting job seriously and they feed us on a regular basis plus they’re always generous with the head scratches and belly rubs.

Wooster: Gotta love the belly rubs.

Wooster and Jeeves in Belize

Jeeves: If you should come to Steppingstones Resort we’ll do two things:

1) We’ll bark to let Nick and Silke know that you’re here and then
2) We’ll rush out to greet you

Wooster: I like that part. That’s were I get to put on my most ferocious face that I can make.

Jeeves: Yeah! That’s real scary. That’s why you get petted the most. We’re not really ferocious at all, it’s really just an act that we put on to keep the bad people away.

Wooster: Yeah! The really bad people.

Jeeves: Wooster is actually more of an artistic type than an attack dog.

Wooster: That’s right! Nick took a picture of one of my many sand art drawings and put it on the internet.

Woosters First Sand Art

Woosters First Sand Art

Jeeves: Yes, I’m sure that went viral.

Wooster: What’s a viral?

Wooster Self Portrait

Wooster Self Portrait

Jeeves: Never mind. Anyway, if you’re ever in the Toledo district of Belize be sure to stop by the Steppingstones Resort and say ‘Hello’.

Wooster: Yeah! We’d love to lick you.

Jeeves: What?!? That’s sick!

Wooster: Sorry! I meant love to meet you.

Jeeves: Anyway! If you want you can leave us a comment to let us know how we’re doing.

Wooster: Or, how you’re doing.

Jeeves: You can stop talking now.

Wooster: Oh, okay. Bye!

Jeeves: Ugh. Until next time….

Wooster & Jeeves: We’ll see you later if you don’t see us first.

Wooster and Jeeves Beach Patrol Belize

Wooster and Jeeves on one of their nightly patrols at Steppingstones Resort

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9 thoughts on “Wooster and Jeeves”
    1. Wooster – you are really maturing as an artist! Dennis and I would love for you to use our beach as your next site.

      your neighbor,

  1. I met these two dogs when we stopped by the resort a few years ago. For the life of me I can’t remember their actual names either! They’ve grown up quite a bit since I last saw them. Don’t they have name tags?

    1. Cindy,

      I’m not exactly sure how long the dogs have been here. We’ve only been here for a month.
      Unfortunately the neither of the dogs have tags. Wooster does have a collar. I’m not quite sure where you would get them in Belize.

      They’re both very healthy and quite playful :)

  2. Hi Kevin, I actually read some of the P.G. Wodehouse books including ‘My Man Jeeves’ and ‘The Man with Two Left Feet and other Stories’ on my Kindle a while ago. They’re a blast, he was a very funny author. I’ve always loved dry British humor (we watched the TV adaptation with Hugh Laurie a few days before we came to Belize).

    Nick is actually the one to name the dogs though. He was watching them one afternoon and came in the house a while later to inform me that the dogs names are now ‘Wooster and Jeeves’. :)


  3. I recognized the names right away! Below is an attachment from Wikipedia that will bring everybody up to speed on these two characters.
    Jeeves and Wooster is a British comedy-drama series adapted by Clive Exton from P.G. Wodehouse’s “Jeeves” stories. The series was a collaboration between Brian Eastman of Picture Partnership Productions and Granada Television.
    It aired on the ITV network from 1990 to 1993, with the last series nominated for a British Academy Television Award for Best Drama Series. It starred Hugh Laurie as Bertie Wooster, a young gentleman with a “distinctive blend of airy nonchalance and refined gormlessness”,[1] and Stephen Fry as Jeeves, his improbably well-informed and talented valet. Wooster is a bachelor, a minor aristocrat[2][3] and member of the idle rich. He and his friends, who are mainly members of The Drones Club, are extricated from all manner of societal misadventures by the indispensable valet (“gentleman’s personal gentleman”), Jeeves. The stories are set in the United Kingdom and the United States in the 1930s.

    P.S. I loved the dialogue that you gave the dogs. Not true to the actual characters themselves, it still is fitting for siblings.

    1. Kevin,

      I just wanted to thank you for the information you provided from Wikipedia. It really was because I couldn’t remember their names that they ended up as ‘Jeeves and Wooster’. They are actually quite playful and it seemed like a good fit. Big plus was that Jeeves and Wooster are names I can actually remember.

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