Lifestyle blogging allows the most freedom for bloggers who have a lot of different topics.

Most lifestyle blogs are created and curated by women. You would think they are all young, beautiful and rich, by the looks of a lot of these sites. A lot of them have the same basic design and feel and they are rehashing the same topics over and over.

But there are also lots of lifestyle bloggers that are older, like us, that have been sharing their interests, ideas, tips and know-how for years. Blogging has to be a hobby, first and foremost. There is no guarantee that you will be making money from it. Some bloggers do and some don’t!

A few lifestyle blogs have been created by men and they do extremely well with a huge following. For instance, Primer –  the ‘secret manual for the self-made man’ is a very good example. It has been around since 2009.

Blog for men by men

The Primer blog was created by Andrew (no last name is given) when he was in his mid-20’s, fresh out of college, and covers affordable style, self-development, how-to’s and apartment DIY’s and home products for men like these Whiskey scented candles.

Tips for becoming a Lifestyle Blogger

If you’re interested in starting your own lifestyle blog, here is a word of caution. Although you might have many areas of interest, try to cover only a few main topics. This will help you when you want to grow a steady, loyal readership. Think about your future audience and what they might want to read and learn about.

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Tips for Ranking High in Search Engines

We started out with a narrow niche when we started our own blog, but over time our interests changed and evolved. So we added more and more topics. Keep potential changes in mind when you pick a name for your blog. 

Back to your future readers, most male readers do not want to read about fashion or raising young ones! Whereas a young professional will probably not be interested in “How do you make a fishing rod?” Readers who enjoy luxury items will also not be impressed with articles about frugal living!

The lifestyle blogging niche allows a lot of freedom for content creators.

There is a wide array of topics that pair well together. Try to create a welcoming space with helpful content, if you maintain some variety you will attract a wider readership. Once you have an audience you will be able to interact with your readers and together you can create a platform for sharing ideas and inspirations.

According to fellow blogger Ankit Singla’s article on, the following lifestyle blogs can teach you ‘that life can be as awesome as we wanted’.

All you need is a little motivation, and a push in the right direction.

Here are the Top 5 Most Successful Lifestyle Blogs in 2022:

  1. A Cup of Jo. By: Joanna Goddard. A Cup of Jo is a lifestyle blog with tons of content about relationships, fashion, food, travel, and motherhood.
  2. The Skinny Confidential. By: Lauryn Evarts. The blog covers a range of topics including travel, beauty, skincare, food, weddings, fitness, and style.
  3. Ape to Gentleman. By: Multiple founders. For instance, Chris Beastall and Jessica Punter focus on male grooming whereas Johnny Burn is in charge of everything automotive.
  4. HBFIT. By: Hannah Bronfman. This blog is dedicated to Hannah’s three passions, which are health, beauty and fitness.
  5. Camille Styles. By: Camille Styles. Camille works with an all-female team to bring readers engaging and informative content about the blog’s core topics of food, design, style, travel, wellness and entertaining guest.

To be included in a list like this is a highly sought after accomplishment for most bloggers.

All these bloggers are working very hard, and most of them are doing a fantastic job of creating content that is honest and comes from the heart. Unfortunately, to make the original Top 100 list every year, you need to pay a pretty hefty fee to be included in a blogger database.

Many hobby bloggers don’t make money, or very little money, from creating online content. Hence you will hardly ever see them included in any online list, not on the first page of Google anyway.

Illustrated Edition of GOOP

Of course, there are always a few that take advantage of their success. Take Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle blog, GOOP, for instance. I read that her blog was one of the first lifestyle blogs to hit the circuit, way back in 2008. Seriously?? We were blogging back in 2007 and so were numerous others that are still around today. Ms. Paltrow has the money and resources to hire people that do the work under her name. Her ‘lifestyle blog’ including the books, products, etc. are a money making machine.

For most of us creating a lifestyle blog and keeping it updated year after year, even if you can’t make it big, takes a huge amount of dedication and time. Just because a blogger spends countless hours creating a blog, doing research, writing articles, creating beautiful images to go with it and sharing the content on social media still doesn’t mean people will visit or interact on the site. It can be very frustrating, if you let it!

In Conclusion

What does it mean to be a lifestyle blogger?

A lifestyle blog is as much a tool for the blogger as it is for the reader. A lifestyle blogger needs to write about what is important to them and they will do well. You have your own perspectives on subjects and that is what you want to bring across in a lifestyle blog.

Monika, a fellow blogger says: “I’ve seen more blogs fail because the author wanted to go with the trends of blogs, didn’t speak knowledgeably about what they were writing about, and eventually, they lost sight of their goals. Why? Because they didn’t have a passion to follow their dreams.”

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Do you have a favorite lifestyle blogger? Always remember the comments section is below for a reason. Let us know what you think — We’ll really appreciate it!

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