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We Got New Trek Bikes

I’ve been wanting to buy a nice set of bikes for quite awhile.

We would window shop in the bike stores and quietly move on. Silke knew I was getting ahead of myself when I came home with a t-shirt from Jake’s Bikes in Alexandria, MN. (hint, hint)

Nicks new Trek Bike

We finally made the plunge and this spring we’ll be traveling in style on our brand spanking new Trek Bikes. We are both very excited!

The Trek Navigator 2.0 is the mid model in Trek’s line of bikes designed for the casual biker looking to hit the bike path with maximum comfort. The Navigator bike series is designed to give you the most upright and solid ride possible with features such as raised handlebar height for a more stable and comfortable sitting position.

Looking out the window at all the snow only makes it harder to wait for warmer weather to come.

6 month Update:

This particular model of bike, the Trek Navigator 2.0, is a hybrid between a street bike and a cross-country bike. We haven’t been doing much off-road riding, since we have had Nick’s 8 year old son living with us all summer, but it’s nice to not feel restricted to where we can ride, if we wanted to.

Trek Bike Review

The bikes ride very smooth and the larger than usual seats make it very comfortable for longer outings. We are very lucky to have a beautiful bike trail close to home and have been taking advantage of it frequently. So far we have had no issues with our bikes at all.

We did take it back to Jake’s Bikes in Alexandria MN for a free maintenance check up. All was well, but he did adjust Nick’s seat a little bit. Not a big deal.

2 Year Update:

We now had our Trek Navigator 2.0 bikes for about 2 1/2 years and we both still enjoy riding them. We have moved to a different state, but as luck has it, we are still living very close to a beautiful bike path. Nick and I try to take the bikes out at least once a week. We are casual riders at best and still really haven’t taken our Trek bikes on a true off road adventure, probably never will.

The threads on the tires are starting to get a little worn, but everything else is in tip top shape. We haven’t had to make any adjustments to the frame, brakes, seat or handle bars. Everything still feels very tight and secure.

Trek Bike Review

We both like the upright position and cushiness of the over-sized seat. Being in our mid forty’s, it’s important to get exercise and the feeling of accomplishment you get after a lengthy bike ride. It’s nice not to feel any pain in your backside after you do so.

The Trek Navigator 2.0 bike is a little on the heavy side, but if you are using it on bike paths, running errands or to get a little exercise around the block, we find it will meet your needs perfectly.

We recently purchased an upright bike stand for our matching Trek bikes. This makes a great gift idea for any bike enthusiasts!

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Do you own a Trek bike? Leave us a comment below.

2 Responses to We Got New Trek Bikes

  • Nick, Glad to help. Thanks for the business. It’s all about the Experience here at Jake’s Bikes.

  • I also own a Trek bike, but I got mine from Morpheus Bikes. Regardless of where we got our bikes, I just think it’s funny that we use it in doing the same things – running errands and for exercising.


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