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Trimming The Tree To Bring Back Christmas Spirit

Maybe it’s the weather. This Christmas season feels more like spring than anything else.

Here we are in the beginning of December and it just doesn’t feel like Christmas. Something is missing and I’m unable to put my finger on exactly what it is. We’d already gone to a Christmas parade in Waimea and for the most part the presents we’re sending out have already been purchased. I’m not going so far as to say we’re completely done, but the moral majority has been taken care of.

With all of that you would think that things would start to look and feel a little more like the Holidays. No such luck.

It took a leisure day for Silke and I to finally get things right with the world. We brought one of our old Holiday CD’s and started playing it, baked cookies, and still made time to go out for a nice quiet evening at the local Brewhaus. It was just what was needed to bring it all together. Silke even found these pictures of my wooden Christmas tree from a couple of years ago to reminisce and get us in the spirit of the season

The tree to trim project finished product

We decorated our little Christmas tree to look more festive, rather than just a plain old tree made from trim boards.

Trimming the tree to bring Christmas back

Decorating a tree to bring the Christmas spirit back

Finding your Christmas spirit

Learn how to make your own little wooden Christmas tree.

The house is now filled with the aroma of baked sugar cookies. Yum. We are care taking in Hawaii this year and we don’t have any of our own personnel Christmas decorations with us. We decided to forgo on the traditional Christmas Tree this year. We will make an Advent wreath instead and light a candle to keep the spirit of the season alive.

This morning we were greeted with the first snow on top of Mauna Kea, a beautiful mountain view from the Lanai. It took a little longer than most years but we have achieved our goal of bringing back our Christmas Spirit.

It will not be the same without our family and friends with us this year but we will try to keep the Holiday spirit alive and spread cheer where ever we go.

Wishing You A Merry Christmas Season.

How are you doing this year? Are you in a funk or are you embracing the Holidays? Leave us a comment below.

2 Responses to Trimming The Tree To Bring Back Christmas Spirit

  • I am going to send you an eAdvent calendar, so keep an eye on your inbox! I love mine and hope you like it just as much.

    • Dear Wilma,
      Thank you so much for the fun Seaside eAdvent Calendar. What a neat idea! We just spent the last 30 minutes decorating trees and dressing up snowmen, lol.

      We have bookmarked the site so we will remember to visit every day. :)


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