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Trek Bike & Thule Bike Rack Review

We had our Trek bikes for several months now and feel qualified to give a review on them.

Silke and I agree that we would never ride, let alone buy, another generic bike.

Spending the extra money on a quality bicycle like the Trek Navigator 2.0 that we own, has definitively been worth it. We both opted to go with the men’s bike because Silke preferred this one over the women’s style. “It looks way cooler!”

Trek Bike Thule Bike Rack

This particular model of bike is a hybrid between a street bike and a cross-country bike. We like everything about it!

We haven’t been doing much off-road riding, since we’ve had Nick’s 8 year old son living with us all summer, but it’s nice to not feel restricted to where we can ride. The bikes ride very smooth and the larger than usual seats make it very comfortable for longer outings.

Living in Alexandria, Minnesota, we are very fortunate to have a well maintained bike trail just a few blocks away. We have certainly taken advantage of it, besides riding around our neighborhood. By the way, riding your bike up and down the same streets every day is a good way to meet your neighbors.

At the same time we bought our Trek bikes we also purchased a Thule Bike Rack.

It is very light weight and easy to mount onto the trunk of our Ford Focus, plus we think it looks pretty awesome having matching bikes hanging off the back of our car.

Update 3 Years Later:

We still ride our Trek bikes as regularly as we can, luckily we still live near a bike trail. Other than a routine maintenance check we haven’t had any issues with our bikes. The little nobbies on the tires are long worn off, but the brakes are still in top notch condition and the chains seem to be working just fine.  We have to pump up the tires every once in a while and that’s about it.

The Thule bike rack has been a great asset. We just used it to take our bikes with us to a nearby camp ground and it’s so easy to attach and pull off that one person can do it. The bikes stay very secure on the back of the car, even in high winds.

Update 5 Years Later:

Our Trek bikes are in storage right now since we moved to Hawaii for an extended care taking position. We look forward to start riding them again when we get back to our own home in the fall of 2017. We have used the Thule bike rack on three different vehicles over the past 5+ years and have no complaints at all. It is still in perfect working condition!

Spare Tire Bike Rack

Do you have a favorite bike brand? Leave us a comment below.

Happy riding,

Nick Jager

2 Responses to Trek Bike & Thule Bike Rack Review

  • Hey guys, I came across your blog by chance and love it. I’ve had a Trek navigator 1.0 for several years now and love my bike, I ride it almost every day to and from work. It’s funny, I opted for the men’s style as well. :)

  • I noted with interest while visiting Tucson, Ariz., this summer that in their public transportation system, each bus has a front-loading bicycle rack to accommodate the two-wheeling segment of the population. A bike-friendly city such as Fort Lauderdale would be well served by equipping Broward County Transit buses with bike racks.-


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