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Top 7 Reasons Why Men Should Sell Avon

Selling beauty products isn’t just a women’s business any longer, many men have success in creating their own Avon empire.

Creating a network marketing business can be very lucrative for men and women alike. There are many reasons why men should start their own Avon business. In this article we will give you the top seven reasons to get you started. Take Chuck Holmes for example,  his grandmother sold Avon for many years, and he’s proudly carrying on her tradition. He is a former military guy and a family man. Chuck is building a networking empire which includes Avon and online marketing to develop multiple income streams.

Before you continue, let me tell you how easy it is to become an Avon Representative. 

To sell Avon simply go to, fill out the short form and enter Reference Code: SILKE.  You can then pick out your starter kit (we recommend the $25 kit) and BAM! you’re an Avon Rep! Easy, right?

7 real reasons why men sell Avon

7 Reason Real Men Sell Avon

Reason #1 – Women Like To Buy From Men

Some women feel more comfortable dealing with men, especially when it comes to shopping online and asking question about products for men. Did you know women do about 80% of all the shopping? Yup, don’t miss out on this opportunity to become your neighborhood Avon Dude.

Reason #2 – You Will Be Unique

Avon is mostly promoted by women, so being a guy automatically sets you apart. Every business needs a unique selling proposition to stand out. You’ll be able to spin your Avon business from several different angles to fit your lifestyle and style.

Reason #3 – Increase Your Leadership & People Skills

No matter what you currently do, increasing your leadership and people skills will be a huge asset and can take your current career to the next level. With Avon you will be able meet, train and mentor people from all walks of live.

Reason #4 – Steady Income Stream

Avon is very generous with their commission structure. You can earn $1,000+ in the first 90 days with their Kickstart campaign. Finding and servicing just 20 customers regularly will provide you with a  very nice side income. You earn 20 – 50% on your sales plus overrides from your down-line team members. This steady income stream can make your mortgage or car payment, pay for bills, can get you out of debt, pay for family vacations or whatever makes you happy.

Reason #5 – Meet People

Selling Avon is a great way to meet new people, men and women. Of course, Avon is not a dating service, but if you’re single this could be a dream come true. If you’re shy around women, or men, you can just ask them to take a look at your online store, offer to hand over a brochure or business card. The perfect ice breaker and conversation starter!

Reason #6 – Get Recognized 

Over the years I’ve learned that most men thrive on recognition and like their egos stroked from time to time. That’s another great reason to join Avon, they truly go out of their way to recognize Reps, even for the smallest things. You’ll have the opportunity to win amazing trips, cars, gift certificates, monetary prizes, public recognition and more. I hear this is one of the favorite aspects for men to join Avon.

Reason #7 – Stay Independent

Selling Avon is a great part-time opportunity! It gives you the power to stay independent while working from home and on your own schedule. You can spend as much or little time on Avon as your schedule allows. Once you’ve built up your own Avon power team you can quit your ‘day job’ and be The Avon Dude to make you richer than you ever imagined.

Final Thoughts About Avon

Building your own Avon empire is not going to happen overnight. Just like any business, it will take hard work, commitment on your part and some monetary investment to get the ball rolling. Avon provides amazing online training on social media selling and networking.  Plus, unlike most other start-ups, you will not have to get a bank loan! Only $25 gets you a starter kit (valued at over $80) plus as little as $14 a month out of your own pocket will get you on the right track to start your own Avon money making business.

Final Thoughts About Avon by Nick (the other half of Avon Tour de Force)

I wanted to jump in here and throw in my own two cents. When Silke approached me about selling Avon my immediate response was “Go for it!” I thought she would be the perfect representative for the line of products that they offered. Of course she wasn’t asking my permission, she was asking if I thought it was something that we could build together. Once again I willingly agreed envisioning printing out brochures and various other errands that needed to be done. I was wrong again.

Once she showed me the product lines and what was all available I soon realized she was looking at me in terms of actually selling Avon. It was the diverse line of products that are offered that shed more light on just how I might be able to offer a ‘male’ perspective to the whole sales angle. The new Espira by Avon health and wellness line alone was all I needed to commit to being more than an office lackey, and actually sell the products as well. Alright guys, are you ready to join us?

Go to, fill out the short form and enter Reference Code: SILKE

Do you have questions about Avon or how to get started? Leave me a comment below. 


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