From communal seating to trees to dirt, this is a beer garden.

Unfortunately, not everyone understands the concept behind it. Just because a place or bar offers a German beer and has a German theme, does not necessarily make it a beer garden. If you have been wondering what it is all about, then you have come to the right place.

Beer Garden: What Is and Isn’t?

By essence, a beer garden is derived from the German term “Biergarten.” It refers to an open-air space where people are served with both beer and food. Interestingly, the concept was taken from Bavarian breweries, where gardens were placed above cellars in order to give lagers the much-needed “cool” temperature to achieve fermentation.

Later on, a good number of breweries embraced the concept and introduced a communal seating in their spaces. The keyword that is worth noting here is “open-air.” To put it simply, an indoor beer garden does not exist.

What Is Usually Served At a Beer Garden?

Most first-timers think that beer gardens only provide unlimited beer. In reality, the assumption is not entirely true. Sure, you can find a variety of beer ranging from locally crafted to the more exclusive finds. But if you are a true beer lover, you will know that it is only great when paired with the right beer food.

In other words, beer gardens also offer quick snacks meant to complement with your beer selection. Some of the most common finger-food includes German sausages and the ever-favorite salty pretzels.

Now that you already have concrete knowledge about a beer garden, it is time to move forward with its benefits. That way, you will be more interested the next time you visit a lower plenty beer garden in Victoria.

A beer garden in Germany.

Benefits of a Beer Garden

Sunshine – This is without a doubt the biggest benefit of a beer garden. You get to be in the sunshine and enjoy a welcoming atmosphere. This is especially perfect during summer when nights tend to be few and far between for sun-loving individuals.

Seat Accessibility – There are plenty of reasons why beer gardens are starting to rapidly grow in popularity. One of these is seat accessibility. Seriously, you will not struggle to find a seat in this type of setting. Keep in mind that beer gardens always provide seats. So if you often find yourself having a hard time looking for a seat in a local bar or pub, you might as well try this set-up. Besides, nothing is more comfortable than drinking a bar while sitting.

Good For Your Health – Believe it or not, beer gardens promote a healthy lifestyle. According to research, when you socialize in large groups, you will gain the ability to reduce anxiety and stress. For instance, you are having a bad day at work.

Instead of being haunted about what went wrong in the office, why not call your friends and visit a beer garden together. You will feel a lot better in no time. Prost!

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