Team building tips to grow your networking dream team.

As you’ve might have heard by now, Nick and I have started a new business with Avon. We have spent countless hours researching and decided Avon is a very good fit for us and our lifestyle. Part of being an Avon representative is building a successful team, which takes you to a whole new level.

Apart from the additional potential income, you’ll also experience great satisfaction and a confidence boost from sharing, teaching and guiding others who look to your leadership. Here are 5 important tips to keep in mind, for us as we build our own team and for you, if you’re in a network marketing business, like Avon.

TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More

Simply be the leader you’d want to follow and others will want to follow you.

Share Your Passion

Others will follow you for how you make them feel and how you inspire them. Be passionate about your business and share that passion with your team.

Be Positive

Create a positive team culture by always encouraging and supporting your team. Be generous with shout-outs to recognize hard work and progress. Make everyone feel special and important as individuals.

Make Onboarding a Great Experience

Whatever that entails for your market. If you join our Avon team we will make sure our new Representatives are getting the best possible introduction to the Avon experience. We will have a get-together, in person or on the phone, as soon as our new Representative receives their Starter Kit and walk them through how to use it to get their business started. We review the KickStart program and set goals on how you can make $1,000+ in the first 90 days.

Other essentials: We will also make sure new Representatives set up their Avon eStore, get connected on social media and start using the YourAvon site to experience all the training and information to help them launch successfully. Communication every week is key to making sure all team members feel supported and encouraged.

Be Your Best Self for the Best Relationships

Get to know everyone on your team and learn how to inspire different types of people for their individual needs and goals. Put your ego aside and be there for your team with sincerity and support. Be trustworthy, warm and approachable. Learn to listen more than you speak and offer guidance in the business.

Be a Role Model for Success

Your team will look to you to show them how to build their business and earn income. Share the strategies that have worked for you and encourage them to adapt them to fit their personal style and specific goals.

It’s true what they say about a team: Together Everyone Achieves More

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