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The Thing Movie Remake/Prequel

Last night Silke and I went to the prequel of ‘The Thing’ movie.

We both saw the original version of The Thing by John Carpenter many years ago, it’s debut was in 1982.

The prequel The Thing was directed by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. and the movie fittingly started in 1982. They even captured the feel of the era by playing a ‘Men at Work’ song in the background.

Movie review of The Thing remake

Nick: I remember how the original The Thing movie freaked me out when I watched it the first time. Good stuff!

Silke: My recollection of the movie was very vague, I have watched and read so many horror and sci-fi movies and books they are becoming a blur in my mind. I never saw the original in the theaters, I don’t recall watching it in Germany at all, until years later. I liked how the movie started out with the Norwegian telling a joke.

Nick: The special effects in the original movie were pretty good for their time in the early 80’s. Last night was visually stunning as well, my arm was getting a little sore from you gripping me so hard.

Silke: I know! There were some pretty scary parts, I’m sorry if I left marks! They couldn’t have made the thing anymore freaky than they did. I’m just glad that ‘Lars’ survived the whole thing, since that is my son’s namesake. LOL

Nick: It may have driven it home considering he was sitting right next to you. Would you recommend this movie?

Silke: Definitely, no matter if you saw the original version or not. It was a gripping (not just your arm either) kind of story. Perfect date movie. What do you think?

Nick: It’s surprising that their aren’t more scary movies out so close to Halloween. This would be the only one worth watching if you’re in the mood for a scary movie. I still think the first one is superior, maybe because I was at a more impressionistic age.

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Nick wrote an article several months ago about the similarities of numerous books, movies and TV series relating to the original The Thing movie titled The Evolution of Dean Koontz Icebound. Make sure to take a look!

Have you seen the remake/prequel of ‘The Thing’? Let us know what you think.

2 Responses to The Thing Movie Remake/Prequel

  • I know the 1982 The Thing was awesome and walking into the 2011 remake/prequel I had low expectations. But honestly, its a decent movie. They paid homage to the 1982 movie and still kept it new. The only thing it was missing: MacReady!


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