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The Photo Magic Of Doug Kiesling

Doug Kiesling ‘The Weather Paparazzi’ takes outdoor photography to a whole new level.

With an eye for detail and a ‘no fear’ approach to incremental weather, he offers us a view of the world, and especially central Minnesota, that very few people ever really get to experience.

Doug Kiesling Outdoor Photographer

Doug Kiesling

His website,, has links to his weather photos as well as an updated blog site with lighting tips.

It was here that I unearthed his detailed outing to the little town of Osakis, Minnesota. Not only was I mesmerized by the pictures he had taken but I also found myself chuckling over his run in with the local authorities. We used to live in Osakis and I could easily see the whole incident playing out the way he described.

Lake Osakis Aurora Borealis by Douglas Kiesling

Click on the picture to see the whole set of weather photographs that Doug took that night in Osakis. 

Doug has other photo collections that are worth checking out as well. For all of the work he puts into this its definitely worth a peek. His website includes the tag; ‘ I risk my life for the shot so you don’t have to’.

The only thing I would have risked that night would have been a lack of sleep. Thanks to Doug, I didn’t miss a thing.

Weather photos from lesser know, local artists like Doug Kiesling, make great gifts for yourself or a loved one.

Isn’t this an amazing photograph? Leave us a comment below.

P.S. – Nick did buy a copy of the Lake Osakis Aurora Borealis photograph for our home.

4 Responses to The Photo Magic Of Doug Kiesling

  • Hey, didn’t he get approached/harrassed by Osakis’ finest (i.e. the local sheriff) that night? The pictures of Lake Osakis are truly stunning.

    • Yes. The local Sheriff came to investigate the activity of the stranger with the photo equipment and make sure no ‘Tom Foolery’ was happeing. I agree, the pictures are awesome.

  • I used to live in Osakis and I remember one night my friend Mark came over for dinner. One of the local cops actually knocked on my door to see who was driving the truck parked in front my house. These guys apparantly have nothing better to do than bother law abiding citizens.
    So glad I don’t live there anymore, now anybody can visit me without being harrassed :)


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