Four tasteful gifts to wow your host or hostess.

Are you invited to a special Holiday Dinner this year? It’s a very good idea to bring a gift for the host or hostess.

After all the planning, cleaning, shopping, setting up, cooking and preparing for an elaborate Holiday feast, a token of thanks will mean a lot, especially if it’s something out of the ordinary. Wine and flowers are nice hostess gifts, but not very noteworthy. The ideal hostess gift is tasteful and elegant!

You will be reflecting the presumed good taste of your hostess, and it should also be something which the recipient would not personally buy for him or herself. The purpose is not to impress your host or hostess, but rather to please him or her with a thoughtful item. One that reflects your appreciation of the dinner invitation.

Here are four suggestions for the perfect Hostess Gift:

An Elegant Carving Fork

A straight prong carving fork is loved by professional chefs and home cooks alike. It is an item that most us of would not buy for ourselves, making it the perfect gift. This large 7.1 inch meat fork is aesthetically very pleasing and will firmly hold down any size turkey for precision carving. The simple elegance of this attractive fork makes it perfect even for the finest Holiday dinner table. The Pro-Balance carving fork comes in a beautiful gift box. Price: $36.38 & FREE Shipping.

give a meat fork for a dinner gift

Elegant Carving Fork!

After Dinner Games

Do you like to play after dinner games? This is a great gift for a host you know fairly well and want to spend time extra with. Test yours and the dinner parties foodie facts with this fun trivia set. Then test everyone’s culinary knowledge in the ultimate rematch the next time!

Questions in this fun game cover such categories as: kitchen science, food history and geography, food culture, whole foods, shopping smarts, cooking vocabulary, ingredients, farming, fishing, gardening, and more. Available games are Foodie Fight, Foodie Fight Rematch, Wine Wars and Menu Mash-up.

Trivia game for food lovers

Find Foodie Games!

Unique Wine Bottle Opener

Make opening and storing wine a fun and exciting experience for your host or hostess with the Kalorik Wine Opening Set. This wine lovers set will easily uncork wine bottles with the electric, stainless steel wine opener. Then, reseals them to avoid premature oxidation using the wine preserver. Price: $53.99 & FREE Shipping

unique wine opener

Unique Wine Opening Set!

Beautiful Knife Block

This beautiful knife block looks great on every kitchen counter. It makes the storage of odd sized knives easy and very appealing. There are two strong magnets for every vertical board on this knife block to hold up to seven knives.

Show up with the Boker Makassar knife block and become everyone’s favorite dinner guest, it’s a real eye-catcher. A little pricey at just over $100, but worth every penny if you want to impress.

Boker magnetic wood knife block

Unique Magnetic Knife Block!

Want to go the extra mile? We highly recommend an Al Mar Ultra-Chef stainless steel Gyuto knife with Damascus blade to anyone who values a high quality and absolutely beautiful knife! As one reviewer says, “It’s a God among knives!”. Gyuto style Japenese Chef knifes are ultra sharp which makes them the perfect turkey slicing knife. An Al Mar stainless steel Gyuto knife will provide your host with exceptional performance and longevity. Comes in a beautiful gift box. A must see!

Unique hostess gifts will please your host or hostess. Creative ideas for hostess gifts can also include fun items for the home and garden, treats from your own kitchen, a nice gift basket, and more. Be boldly gracious with these unexpected hostess gifts tailored to your hosts proclivities.

Do you usually bring a hostess gift to a dinner party? Leave us a comment below.

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