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The Padestal eTablet Stand Review

Review of the Padestal stand for phones, tables and iPads.

Do your wrists and hands get sore after holding up your eTablet for a long time? Before receiving this stand I would get so engrossed while reading on my Kindle that I often found myself with carpal tunnel symptoms. Even a light-weight 13.2 ounce electronic device like the Kinde Fire will get cumbersome after a while. The full-sized iPad tips the scales at a hefty 1.44 pounds or 23.04 ounces. It’s no wonder that eTablet stands like The Padestal have been selling like wild fires.

purple eTablet stand

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THE PADESTAL is the “Swiss Army Knife” of tablet holders.

The Padestal is precision engineered to be extremely versatile, yet has no moving parts. This holder is simple, but can be used in many different ways. When in use, it is anywhere from 90% to 100% unseen, depending on what task you are performing on it. When it is view-able, it’s pleasant to the eye, almost as though it were artistically crafted or sculpted, with a high regard for form as well as function.

How you use this stand depends on the type of device you have available, since I only have the Kindle (we don’t own an iPad yet) that is what I used for this review.  Take a look at my pictures below to see the stand in action. We received The Padestal stand in purple which matches my purple Kindle cover very nicely.

Purple Padestal Stand

The Padestal is perfect for face time

The material used for this stand includes a fairly thick molded bumper that helps to establish a firm grip on any surface. There are two round bumpers that hold the device secure on the stand. You will also receive 4 additional round bumpers to use for added stability and to receive a higher angle if needed. If you flip The Padestal upside down it creates a position that is optimized for ‘FaceTime’ as it presents your image to the receiver in just the right height. This product is made 100% in the USA!

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The Padestal is the best iPad Stand

The molded bumper on the bottom holds your device in place.

eTablet Stand Review

The Kindle is on its side for watching movies, while the Padestal is virtually invisible from the front.

The Padestal is a Kindle Stand

Not all the different angles of this stand work for my Kindle Fire. It is too thick with the cover on, and wouldn’t fit in the two molded grooves in front. Thinner devices like the iPads will have no trouble at all.

Using The Padestal in the kitchen without the cover.

Using The Padestal in the kitchen without the cover on the Kindle.

I do like the way my Kindle is held securely in all of the different positions. The stand gives the device the perfect height to sit on my desk for research or watching videos, and is great to use on the kitchen counter while looking up recipes.

The Padestal eTablet Stands in great colors

I never really thought about a tablet stand like this before, but now that I have used one for several days I wouldn’t want to part with it again. Hey, this would make an awesome gift idea for any iPad, Kindle or tablet user. Since it comes in a nice, square box it’s even easy to wrap.

The Padestal eTablet stand is available in black, blue, clear, green, pink, purple & red and

retails for only $19.99!

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Do you own an eTablet stand already? What are your thoughts? Leave us a comment below.

This product was provided to us, at no cost, by the maker of this product for the sole purpose of product testing. We did not accept monetary compensation for reviewing or writing about this product. We only review products that we have personally tested, and all opinions expressed are our own. – Nick and Silke Jager

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