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The Over Analyzed Comment

Over analyzing a comment is how we got from Trayvon Martin to Drown In The Now.

As a blogger it’s the ultimate compliment to have someone post a comment on your post. Negative or positive, you at least have a sense that someone out there is actually reading what you wrote.

We recently posted a story on the Trayvon Martin incident that solicited a unique response.

What followed was a closer look at not only the comment itself but a bigger perspective of the incident as a whole.

The following comment came from a person under the guise of ‘Scribble’:
People need to wake up and ‘Drown in the Now’. This kind of thing happens every day. A big shout out to all those faceless victims that don’t get this kind of media attention. Props to the last line of this: Understand the power of a single action. deep stuff.

The first thing we noticed was the quotations around the words ‘Drown in the Now’.

A quick google search brought up a video to a song with the same title by The Crystal Method. Intrigued we watched the video. The video opens with a guy walking down a lonely street wearing of all things, a hoodie. Coincidence or purposely orchestrated? We went further down the rabbit hole and found the lyrics to the song.

An excerpt from the song follows:

Drown in the Now video

We lace, we up concrete streets
Streaks tall paintbrush strokes
Oh so gloriously
Story unfolds which one will be told
Some get sold, some just fold
Multi beings releasing parallel songs
Swells to break all the dry spells
Late bells ring crack shells
(When they got us)
Righteousness love of life will prevail

The story has been unfolding for the last few weeks and the ‘Multi beings releasing parallel songs’ feels like the different accounts of what happened during the time of Trayvon’s death. ‘Righteousness love of life will prevail’. A foretelling of how this will all end?

In the video, small little robots are following this person down the streets that he walks. A reference to the media outlets that have kept this story in the spotlight.

‘Scribble’ goes on to acknowledge all victims of this type of violence. How many people have also been needlessly gunned down since Trayvon Martin was murdered?

As a final thought a mention is given to the last line of the post: Understand the power of a single action.

Have we over analyzed this comment?

Maybe it was just some random thoughts that the reader felt compelled to leave for us. But if that were the case then we never would have been led down this path of discovery and evaluation. Personally, I feel it was an intended insightful understanding of the event.

Do you feel differently about this story? We would really like to hear from you on this one. Please leave a comment.

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