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The Last Minute Halloween Costume

Silke and I went to two Halloween parties last year.

It was a whirlwind Halloween weekend that just seemed to be in a constant state of motion. I needed the week to start again so I could regroup. At the end of this high rolling party we both swore off Halloween for the next year.

We were both in agreement on this ‘No More Halloween Parties’ and I felt this was a sure thing. Never say never!

Halloween costume

Nick as The Littlest Viking, lol

The first Halloween party we went to last year, we were dressed up as characters from the ‘My Name is Earl‘ show. A flannel shirt and a Lynyrd Skynyrd t-shirt brought the ensemble together rather quickly. The hardest part was finding a mustache.

We drove all over town looking for one and ended up buying one out of a gumball machine at K-mart. Silke had dressed the part of Joy all the way down to the hair style. After taking a picture or two (sorry, not sure what happened to them) and feeling pretty confident about our attire, we headed out.

The first place we go to somebody points us out and yells, “Hey! It’s the ‘Something About Mary’ guys!” I’ve seen the movie so I wasn’t completely lost by this but I couldn’t make the connection. What characters from the movie were we supposed to look like? I wasn’t seeing it if there were any.

Bad Costume – One, Good Costume – ZERO

The second night Silke went as a Vampires and I was supposed to be her victim. I took an old shirt and tore holes in it and added fake blood. After painting my face white and putting two bite holes on my neck with blood running down I felt we had a sure fired hit. This worked in theory, but immediately went out the window once we were separated.

Silke by herself was a Vampires. I, on the other hand, was only left to field the question: “What are you supposed to be?”. You know your costume’s lame if people have to ask what you are. After trying to yell out in a crowded bar with a live band playing in the background that I was the victim of a Vampire, I simply gave up and resolved to letting everyone think I was a zombie. One word, nice and simple, no questions asked.

Bad Costume – Two, Good Costume – ZERO

Prizes were given away for best costume that night. The final three contestants were announced and one of them was Jack Sparrow. I mumbled to Silke at how lame a costume that was. I mean anyone can throw on a pirate costume and walk around mumbling all night.

My opinion on the matter fell on deaf ears as the winner was announced at midnight to be Jack Sparrow. He had a bottle of something which served as a prop and it was full when the evening started but was now half empty. So as he’s making his way up to the front to accept his prize he almost falls over on a chair that was sitting off to the side.

It was at that moment that I changed my whole opinion on this guys costume. He flayed his arms in the air with this wild eyed look as he tried to catch his balance before falling over. He was spot on Johnny Depp! I don’t think anyone could have planned it any better. This drew a roar of laughter and sealed the notion that he had the best costume.

This Year’s Last Minute Halloween Costume

Silke’s text informed me that not only were we going again this year but that I was supposed to be the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. Ugh. Now I’m googling pictures of this guy and trying to see if I have anything in my closet that resembles his attire.

Enter! The costume for the Scarecrow was right there and it was all I needed to pull this one off. I would have ordered it but time was of the essence and I didn’t have any. So I’m off to the second hand shops and try to find something that I can once again throw together.

Do I have any aspirations of winning a prize for best costume? No. The best I can hope for is to skate by and at least not be asked what it is I’m supposed to be. If they can’t figure out I’m the Scarecrow, I might as well hang up Halloween all together. Next year a little more forethought might be in order.

Are you going to dress up this year? What are you going as? Drop us a comment and let us know.


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