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The Evolution Of

When Silke and I took over the Jager Foods soup kitchen we never could have imagined the direction it would have taken us.

We both felt that if the soup products were offered on-line then we would be able to open the product line to more customers. With new labels and direction we set off to breathe new life into the business. Unfortunately it didn’t quite work out that way.

The soup kitchen closed, but the web-site that Silke had spent many hours on was still up and running. We thought it would be fun to set it up as a blogging site. Jagerfoods, was even spun in a way to incorporate our opinion blogs with the name: – Food For Thought.

Jager Foods Gift Basket

The blogging was fun and enabled us to develop our writing skills. We pursued other interests, but the blog site was always in the background for us to play with. From traveling to product reviews it seemed like everything was fair game to be written about.

Some of the best stuff we ever wrote was about personal experiences.

One of the other things we began to play around with was Glass Bottles with Lights in them. On a trip to the mall during Christmas several years ago, we came across a vendor who was selling these recycled bottles with a string of lights shoved in them. I made an off hand remark about how easy they would be to make. Silke held me to it and we’ve been creating new and interesting bottle lamps ever since.

Lighted Wine Bottle

Silke had picked up a video camera and began submitting Bottle Lamp videos on YouTube. Using an account we had created for Jager Foods to plug the soups, we started documenting how we made our bottle lamps. I’m going to be honest here. I never thought much about making a video to show what I was doing with recycled bottles. Silke was adamant about doing it.

Not only was it a hit but it also spawned the idea to create an e-book to accompany the video. With over 500,000 hits now on YouTube and over 900 subscribers to the newsletter, we have created a whole new community where others can share their own bottle lamp designs and creations.

Another web site was added: This site incorporate not only the lamps and bottles we have made, but what others have done as well. Informational tips for making drilling easier, as well as resources for purchasing parts and lights for the lamps themselves.

During this time Silke has had her own personal blog. The Sexy Shoes Expert was launched in the Fall of ’09. It was a project that Silke enjoyed doing because of her own passion for shoes. The blog was seen by an editor from Definitive Woman Magazine and provided the opportunity to write the column ‘Style Maven’ for their magazine.

The soup kitchen never really did close. It just changed. We’re always working up something new and throwing in our own unique spin to it.

With the Jagerfoods website acting as an umbrella for all our other ventures, we will always have something cooking. Do you have an article idea for us? Please share below.

We always love to hear from our readers,

Nick and Silke


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