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The ‘Embrace’ Video Project By Craig Karolus

A video project worth making and watching.

I would like to share with you an opportunity to become part of a video project by recording artist Craig Karolus. Craig is making a video for his song ‘Embrace’, and would like to incorporate pictures and video clips into the final project.

CD cover for Craig Karolus

I am in the process of creating a music video for my new song “Embrace” and would love to invite you to be in the video. What I’m looking for is either a picture or short video clip of you holding a sign with one word that goes with “Embrace”. Example: Embrace “Music”. So the one word would be music.

The word can be anything you choose. Please, nothing negative or cursive. If you would like to participate, please send the image or video clip to I will use every single one that is sent so long as it can be made public. Invite your friends as well.

If you choose to participate, I’ll send you a copy of the song “Embrace” via MP3; I would just need an email address to send to. The song is just over 6 minutes long and I hope to get as many in as I possibly can. Thank you for your time. Many Blessings, Craig

Craig’s albumsFamily Values, and Standing on Top, can be purchased at cdbaby.

How often do you get an opportunity to become part of something as big as this? Go get your camera and turn on your imagination. Silke and I have already submitted our pictures and we’re looking forward to seeing the finished project.

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