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The Big Jump – Downsizing Your Household Items

Moving and garage sale tips to help you downsize.

With the new townhouse secured in South Carolina, it was time for Silke and I to downsize our personal belongings. The new residence offered a nice view and easy access to local shops and stores but it will be lacking in the storage area department.

Gone is the basement that housed our work area and shelving racks for all our seasonal items. There will be no garage. The first year we lived in our house, the garage was nothing more than a storage shed. After one winter with both the cars parked outside we finally became motivated to empty it out and use it for what it was intended.

The Moving Sale

There is a lot you can accumulate in a very short period of time. Both of us marveled at how much we had collected in the three years that we lived in Alexandria, Minnesota. This coupled with the things that have moved with us. You know those things that you never really use but just can’t seem to part with. The old t-shirt from an event you attended over twenty years ago, the coffee cups that were collected while traveling. You get the point.

If you are planning on parting with some of your treasures, I will let you in on the things that sold and the things that got dumped.

Moving Sale Tips

Furniture – It’s expensive new to begin with but if you just need some things to get you by then a garage sale is the place to go. Alexandria has the college in town and a lot of the students could get by on the cheap to hit up a few couches or beds.

Kitchen items – Same as above. Why buy a whole set at any box store if you’re only going to use it a few months and then move on anyway.

Yard tools – You name the season, everything will move in this area. Snow shovels to yard rakes were all fair game. We had a whole barrel full of rakes, spades, and shovels that sold on the very first day!

The clothing was hit and miss. You have to find someone that will actually fit your size, like your style and be flexible to how worn out it may be. All in all we got rid of quite a few of our clothes and what was left over found it’s way to the clothes bins located throughout town.

Use social media to advertise your sale – Silke was at the office on Thursday and Friday and took the time to mention the Garage Sales on Face Book. I had five people tell me that they saw the post there and that’s how they found out about it.

The garage sale over all was a success and all the proceeds will go toward our gas fund.

We’re renting a Budget truck and I’m guessing at 8-10 MPG we’ll need all the funding we can get!

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