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Tables Shelves and Stands

Over the years our friend Steve Karkela has become a master wood crafter.

We would like to take this opportunity to show off his furniture making skills and show off a few of his finished products. Visit his Facebook page ‘Table Shelves and Stands‘ to see his latest furniture without nails.

It is not by chance that Steve Karkela has picked up the wood working tools that he uses to make his wood working designs a reality. It is in fact a love of the craft that goes back to a wood working class in seventh grade in Minnesota that sparked his interest.

During this wood working class, the students were instructed to build little ‘keep sake’ boxes. Breaking away from the traditional solid wood sided boxes that were being made, Steve found small pieces of different colored wood and began shaping a box that presented multiple layers on each side.

Steve Karkela's first wood working project

Steve fondly recalls the shop class he was in. “My instructor came over and asked what I was doing. When I showed him my design idea he was more than impressed and encouraged me to continue.”

Working with wood in the Karkela shop

Silke and I were given a tour of his present shop in St. Louis Park, MN for his new furniture business Tables Shelves and Stands, which now includes tools of the trade from miter saws to rasps. You get a sense of the pride he takes in his shop while he showed us the different tools he uses and the numerous projects that he has in the works.

Wood working project

From coffee tables to saddle stands, Steve has expanded his wood working portfolio and amazingly everything he builds is held together without the use of nails. He taught himself to make miter joints that fit perfectly. This makes his furniture without nails and other wood projects extremely durable and long lasting.

Our bottle lights enhance Steve's furniture

Through the use of different color stains he has created unique hand crafted pieces of art that are truly a step above the rest.

Anyone interested in purchasing furniture without nails by Steve’s Tables Shelves and Stands as well as various other projects visit his Facebook page –  Tables Shelves and Stands

Steve told us: “I have shelves, tables and stands in different shades, colors, stains and sheen, these are all solid wood, no press board or thin laminate. I also custom make furniture to fit your space. Prices start at $20, there are a limited number of pieces already made ranging from $20-$700. I can repair, recycle, reuse, refinish or re-purpose your current furniture.”

We love Steve’s fine workmanship and think his furniture without nail would make great gifts. We wish him lots of luck in his new business endeavor.

What do you think of his featured pieces of furniture without nails? Leave us a comment below.

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