Our insider tips to create viral marketing so you will reach a ton of potential customers.

It’s no secret that you need to optimize your content to give it a fighting chance and to create viral marketing strategies. Look at it this way, the content (blog article, video, etc.) you share about your small business, it’s a plant and the optimization you do for it is the fertilizer. Even the best fertilizer is no guarantee that your marketing efforts go viral though.

It depends on several other factors, like, is your content aligned with current trends, holidays, or news? Can you get your content in front of the people who are most likely to share?

Plain dumb luck is often a factor as well for content going viral, not much you can do there. Just don’t get discouraged and remember, slow times are a great time to grow your business!

Small Business viral marketing secrets

5 Secrets To Viral Marketing:

  • Be A Problem Solver

Your content needs to be better, more educational and easier to understand than everything else out there.  Marko Saric from the informative and successful ‘How to Make My Blog’ site has shared this tip for creating viral-worthy content.

Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience first.

Your content needs to answer questions that real people are asking. If you’re create content that nobody is interested in, then it will be impossible for it to go viral. Makes sense, right?

  • Tap Into Current Trends

Take a look at your own past viral trends and content from your competitors that have performed well. Don’t do something that’s similar, you want to do something better with your marketing content! Look at at the top posts on sites like Reddit. Keep an eye on what’s trending so you can emulate it.

  • Capitalize On Controversy

Create controversy, it could be as subtle as offering an opposing opinion. Something that stimulates a discussion and makes your readers evaluate their own views and opinions.  Understand your target audience and what will likely trigger an extreme emotional response, like joy, fear, anger or guilt. This is what will ultimately get shared and make your content viral.

  • Narrow Your Topic

Some content may only go viral within a very small niche or community. That’s alright, as long as it is within your target market. To figure out where to narrow your content, you likely need to do some behavioral targeting. This starts by having well-defined personas made up, and then narrowing your focus down to the most valuable audience personas for your product or service.

  • Don’t Give Up

There is no guarantee any of your content will ever go viral, as I mentioned above, dump luck has something to do with it. Something else to remember is that often, viral content is completely manufactured.

Content with a little money behind it can go far.

Heck, the surest thing in viral marketing is paid promotion. As Jamie Low from ‘Search Engine Marketing’ puts it:

Lay the groundwork for your campaign by making connections. Develop partnerships that will help you promote your piece to influencers that already have their own networks.

If your content doesn’t go viral the first, second, or even tenth time, don’t give up. There’s always next time! Present the information to promote your small business in a way that keeps your audience interested long enough to want to share it with their friends.

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Do you have small business content that’s gone viral? Leave us a comment. We’d love to hear how you did it.

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