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Quit Smoking Journey Week 2

Hello, I am happy to announce I’ve been smoke free for more than 8 days now.

How about that!? No more cigarettes in my life! Honestly, it has been easier than I thought to quit smoking this time around. Scroll down to see my funny quit smoking journal.

It is huge when you have a partner that supports you and helps you through your cravings whenever possible. My poor husband, Nick, has claw marks on his upper arm from me gripping him. (Just kidding!) Luckily smoke cravings never last very long.

Now that I am in my second week of not smoking, I do feel a noticeable difference in how I feel. My lungs have been hurting for several days now, it started out with a stabbing pain in the back to a more mellow ache now. I wake up in the morning and feel almost refreshed, where before I had to literally drag myself out of bed.

An evil gremlin quits smoking

This little tomato looks like an evil grinning gremlin to me.

I am taking one Chantix pill a day, I try to remember it right after lunch and I haven’t been nearly as sick to my stomach as before. The last time I quit smoking I stopped taking my pills before the prescription ran out so I have enough pills left for 14 more days. It will be interesting to see what happens then.

In the last week I have been sleeping more and consequently lost 1.9 pounds. I have a lot of dreams, but nothing really weird or upsetting.

Since the quit smoke program with the U of M (read Nick’s article for more) didn’t work out I decided to keep a quit smoking journal myself. I was pretty upset when they kicked me out of the program and started the journal the next day. Don’t you just love this funny journal cover?

Fun journal for quitting smoking

That’s all from me for this week. Click on the pic above to get your own fun quit smoking journal. ♥ Silke

Let me know if you have any suggestions for me or would like to submit your own quit smoking story.


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