Putting puzzles together is one way to spend quality couple time.

Completing puzzles as a couple is a great way to unplug, at home or during a vacation trip, and it will bring you closer together. When Nick and I first started dating we played a lot of games, not head games or anything like that, but actual games like Backgammon, Scrabble and Yahtzee. We also completed one jigsaw puzzle together.

This particular 1000 piece wolf puzzle was given to me by my dear friend Angie for a birthday present and when Nick saw it he said “I used to put puzzles together with my Grandma, do you want to bring it over to my house so we can do it together?” Since he had a nice big dining room table I readily agreed and we started putting the puzzle pieces together on our next date.

We got quite a way into the puzzle when it got to be late and I had to leave, reminding him not to touch the puzzle until I got back a few days later. On my next visit Nick welcomed me with a sheepish grin and proudly showed me the completed puzzle. So much for doing the puzzle together. I was a bit peeved!

Nick and Silke's First Puzzle

All was forgiven when we handed me the same wolf puzzle a few days later, beautifully framed. To this day our first jigsaw puzzle hangs in our house as a reminder of our ‘getting to know each other’ period. Flash forward a couple of years and here we were at a House Sitting Job in Belize with nowhere to go, no TV, a very sketchy internet connection and long nights with nothing to do.

Bring out the games and puzzles!

After successfully completing four large jigsaw puzzles (750 pieces or more) in less than two weeks, we fancy ourselves to be somewhat of an expert at it.

Puzzle Solving Tips For Couples

  • Find a comfortable spot to sit around a table with decent lighting that is large enough to accommodate the puzzle.
  • Pop the cork of a wine bottle and fill two glasses or pour your favorite beverages.
  • Sit across from each other, gaze lovingly into each others eyes and open the puzzle box.
  • Separate the edge pieces from the rest of the herd.
  • Start the puzzle by creating the outside edges, be sure to take a drink now and again.
  • Fill in the rest of the puzzle starting at opposite sides.
  • Look up at your partner every now and again, your eyes will need a rest from staring at puzzle pieces after a while.
  • Walk away and take a break or get a refill if you start to get frustrated.

Puzzle Tips

Puzzle Tips

Puzzle Tips

If you’re in need of some serious couple time at home or during a trip, or if you’re just getting to know each other, there is no better way to spend quality one on one time than putting a jigsaw puzzle together.

You will be near each other, in the same room even, but there is no need or strain for constant conversation, as you will both be concentrating on finding puzzle pieces. Nick says “Completing a puzzle together will have a nice ‘team effort’ added to the project and what better way for a couple to bond? It worked for us.”

Puzzles make great gifts for couples, young and old. In these hectic days its a good idea to just sit back and spend some quiet quality time without the help of electronics.

Find Great Puzzles

Do you have a favorite way to spend quality couple time together? Leave us a comment below.

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