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Property Maintenance and Housing Inspections

Derelict Vehicles

The property owner or vehicle owner will receive a ten (10) day notice to correct the violation. If the violation is not corrected, the City will place a tag on the vehicle and have the vehicle towed. If the vehicle cannot be towed off the property by the City, the City will issue a summons to appear in court to the property owner or the vehicle owner until the issue is resolved. (Code: Sec. 20-4)

Junk Items / Debris

It is unlawful to allow junk items and debris to accumulate on property and is considered a nuisance. The City sends a notice to the property owner when violations exist on the property to correct the matter within ten (10) days.

Housing Violations

The City follows the International Property Maintenance Code for the purposes of establishing methods, rules and regulations for the abatement of unsafe buildings.

Housing violations are typically given a 30 day notice to correct. All utilities must be maintained while occupying a structure or dwelling. A 10 (10) day notice will be given to have utilities restored.

Overgrown Conditions

Property should not have grass taller than 12 inches in height. When property exceeds that requirement, the property owner is sent a letter to maintain property. Only one letter is sent annually to the property owner providing ten (10) days to correct the violation.

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